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20 Commercial Greenhouse Terms to Know

If you are considering purchasing a Commercial level greenhouse for your home, school, business, or community, chances are you will come across some unfamiliar terminology while browsing for your greenhouse. Have no fear! We are here to help. Below are some common words you will come across while you shop.

1. Sidewall

Sidewalls are the straight sides of the greenhouse from the ground to the roof. The length of these walls is called "Sidewall Height."

2. Endwall

The walls on the front and back of the greenhouse frame

Greenhouse Side and End Walls

3. Bow

The steel tubing that creates the top of a curved structure

Bows of a Greenhouse

4. Gutter

Some greenhouses can be connected to each other. Gutters are the channels placed between connected greenhouses that allow for water runoff.

Gutter Connected Greenhouses with Down Spouts

5. Purlin

The horizontal beam along the length of a roof

6. Truss

Additional beams or pipes that run horizontally and vertically in a greenhouse for extra support

Greenhouse Trusses and Purlins

7. Heater

Natural gas or propane heaters are usually hung at the top of the greenhouse with a vent that runs outside. They are usually hung with a heater hanger kit.

8. Horizontal Airflow Fan (HAF)

A hanging circulation fan that moves air around in a horizontal pattern

Commercial HAF

9. Shutter

Shutters are installed in the walls of the greenhouse and open to help ventilate the structure. They can be manual or motorized.

Commercial Greenhouse Shutters

10. Evaporative cooling

The reduction in temperature resulting from the evaporation of a liquid, which removes latent heat from the surface from which evaporation takes place.

Evaporative Cooling Pad Evaporative Cooling System

11. Wall Fan

Fans built into the end-walls of a greenhouse at the opposite end of a shutter wall to pull air through the shutters.

Slant Wall Fans

12. Roll up curtain

A type of greenhouse film that can be manually or mechanically rolled up and down to increase natural ventilation

13. Roll bar

An arm that attaches to curtains for easily roll up

14. Holdback

Similar to home curtain tie-backs, but made of metal and attached to the frame

15. Premium roll up curtain kit

And upgraded roll up curtain that come with a roll bar and automatic gearbox, usually made of woven fabric curtains instead of poly film

16. Shade cloth

A fabric or monofilament sheet that is used to create more shade and decrease temperatures inside greenhouses

17. Poly film

The least expensive greenhouse covering option, it is a plastic sheeting infused with additives to make safer to use in the sun.

18. Polycarbonate

A rigid greenhouse covering that comes in panels and is available in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Strong and durable, it usually comes with a 10-year warranty

19. Profiles

Profiles are channels that connect consecutive polycarbonate panels. H profiles connect two panels side by side, R profiles are used as a ridge cap or corner profile, U profiles are used to seal the open ends of the sheets

20. Solawrap

A plastic covering similar to bubble wrap that helps insulate a greenhouse by adding a layer of air between surfaces.