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Soil Processing Equipment

No matter what you are growing, soil quality is one of the most important factors in producing a successful soil grown garden. Having the right balance of media and keeping the soil free from pathogens are two ways to keep your soil healthy. Gothic Arch Greenhouses stocks a number of soil mixers and soil sterilizers to help you keep your soil rich and clean.

Benefits of soil processing:

  • Utilize the soil you have by mixing it with more nutrient rich growing media.
  • Allows for add organic components such as compost or manure
  • Cleans soil and prevents pathogens, reducing disease
  • Reduces pests and weeds
  • Optimizes soil texture
  • Aerates soil so that roots retain proper amounts of oxygen
  • Promotes proper drainage to prevent overwatering and root suffocation

Soil Sterilization

Soil sterilization is the process by which soil is heated using steam to create ideal conditions necessary for healthy plant growth and development in the soil. By ridding the soil of dangerous microorganisms, fungi, weeds, and other pests, sterilization assures that you are starting off with the healthiest growing medium possible.

Soil sterilizers make the cleaning process easy and hassle-free, particularly for large gardens and commercial properties. Just fill them with soil, set the thermostat to the desired temperature and remove the soil with the indicator light comes on. It's that easy to keep clean, healthy soil all year long.

Soil Mixing

Most soil is not naturally ideal for growing a variety of plants. It needs to be modified or amended to accommodate the soil requirements of your specific flowers, crops, vegetables, and herbs. Adding perlite, peat, compost and other organic materials can greatly enhance the quality of your soil.

Soil mixers come in various sizes to accommodate even the largest commercial growers. Mixers allow for fast, uniform mixing of many different types of materials such as bark, fertilizer, vermiculite, and many other growing media. In addition to quickly mixing soil components together, soil mixers help aerate your soil for better water drainage and for improved oxygen retention.

Clean, healthy soil is the cornerstone of a thriving, productive garden. If you are looking to optimize your soil with a sterilizer or mixer, call one of our greenhouse experts today at 1-800-531-4769.

Soil Mixing Commercial Steam Soil Sterilizer

The Steam ‘N Air Soil Sterilization System is a new innovation, The Steam ‘N Air is basically the combination of three separate portable components — the SG12 , SG15 Steam Generator, the AB28 Aeration Blower, and the optional Tow ‘N Dump Aeration Cart. Once attached together, they take on the job of sterilizing potting soil and other materials.

Since these are components, the customer has the option to buy any combination of components to meet their specific needs. This allows to design of a unique system that is the most profitable and affordable for their specific application.

In the sterilization steam cycle, the SG10 raises the temperature of 2 cubic yards of material to 170ºF for 2 1/2 hours. The AB28 Aeration Blower uses air force to circulate the heated air through up to 28” of material when the material is placed in an aeration bin or cart. In the cool down cycle, the AB28 Blower will dry the material to the moisture saturation level that existed prior to the steam cycle.

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