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Greenhouse Buyer's Guide

With all of the options available these days, buying a greenhouse can seem overwhelming. This buying guide can help guide you through some of the considerations you should have in mind when beginning your greenhouse journey.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses has a small, friendly staff of greenhouse experts that provide one on one customer service. We take the guesswork out of deciding on a greenhouse and make your transition to becoming a greenhouse grower smooth and seamless. Whether you are a hobby grower or a professional, greenhouses will help you grow beautiful, healthy plants, save you money over time, and protect your investments year-round. If you’re ready to start tailoring your own growing space to your needs, call us at 1-800-531-4769.

What Growing Experience Do You Have?

One of the most important factors in deciding which type of greenhouse is right for you is your grower level. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, professional grower, or in transition, there is an ideal greenhouse that will accommodate your needs both now and in the future. Knowing your current grower level will help determine size and cost of your greenhouse, as well as the complexity of the supplies and equipment you will need.

Should I build my own or buy a manufactured greenhouse?

Building your own greenhouse may seem appealing because of lessened labor and supply costs. However, many greenhouse components can be difficult to find and purchase as individual pieces. DIY greenhouses may not have proper ventilation and airflow incorporated into their design, making them prone to overheating. Home-build greenhouses also do not provide the security of professionally manufactured parts, guarantees, and warranties.

Most of our greenhouses can be manufactured to perfectly fit the climate in your area, so your investment is safe, secure, and suited to the weather stresses it will face.

We offer many greenhouse kits that are suited to residential use. We have a variety of kits that are easy to assemble, come with full assembly instructions, and will still give you the satisfaction of building something yourself. Also, if you have any questions during the building process, our staff is always here to help you through it.

Where do you live?

The climate where you live will be another big factor in buying the right greenhouse. Temperature, snowfall, wind, and rainfall all need to be considered when choosing a greenhouse. Areas with heavy snowfall will require a greenhouse with strong glazing and a heavier snow load capacity. If you live in an area with extreme heat, a greenhouse with multiple ventilation options would be necessary.

What will you grow in your greenhouse?

Knowing what your greenhouse will be used for will help determine many things. Heat sensitive plants will require extra cooling equipment while some ornamental plants will need to be in a greenhouse that retains extra humidity. Even things like necessary greenhouse height and square footage can be determined once you know what you plan to grow.

What are the different types of greenhouses?

Greenhouses come in variety of shapes, sizes, and complexities. Depending on your needs, we can help determine whether you need a commercial greenhouse with customizations, a hobby kit, a freestanding greenhouse, a lean-to greenhouse, a cold-frame or high tunnel, a custom decorative greenhouse or one of our ready-to-install full greenhouse packages.

What materials are used to build a greenhouse?

Most greenhouses frames are constructed from wood, aluminum, or galvanized steel. The climate in your area, your budget and your growing needs will be the most important factors in choosing your greenhouse framing.

Greenhouses can be covered in glass, polycarbonate, poly film, acrylic or fiberglass. These materials come in a variety of thicknesses, strengths, and insulative densities based on your needs. Again, your climate, budget, and growing requirements will help in deciding which covering is best for you.

What Supplies and Equipment Will I Need?

Regulating your greenhouse climate will help with your growing success. Most plants have specific requirements that need to be met in order to thrive. Greenhouses will not protect your plants from all of the elements, so additional supplies and equipment may be necessary for extra protection. We have everything you will need to create and maintain the optimum growing environment for all plants at any growing level. Once you know what your plants need to thrive, you’ll want to consider the following supplies and equipment:

  • Vents & vent openers
  • Circulation fans
  • Shade cloth
  • Thermostats & monitors
  • Benching (tables)
  • Coolers & heaters
  • Growing Containers
  • Irrigation systems

It would be our pleasure to help you build the greenhouse of your dreams. Whether it's for gardening in your backyard or large-scale growing operations, Gothic Arch Greenhouses is your one stop shop. For excellent customer service, high quality products, continual support and great prices, give us a call today at 1-800-531-4769