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Nursery Garden Carts & Wagons

Gothic Arch Greenhouses offers rugged, reliable greenhouse garden wagons and nursery carts to help you with your plant moving needs both large and small. Will you be moving lightweight flats of plants, nutrients, and fertilizers, small fruit trees, landscape rock, or gravel? Will you be rolling along concrete, grass, sand, or rough terrain? Tire size, materials that are resistant to chemicals, bed type, and weight capacity should be suited to these needs, and Gothic Arch Greenhouses has a solution for any growing situation.

Our line includes a huge selection of Garden Carts, Nursery & Grower Carts, Met Cart Accessories, Homeowners Garden carts, Landscapers carts, Customer Wagons, Shopping Carts, Tracking Trailers, Tree Dollies, and Two-Way Plant Movers.

When buying a nursery cart, consider:

  • Weight capacity
  • Tire size
  • Tire type
  • Material
  • Bed size
  • Shelf depth

Perfect for retail and commercial growers as well as the serious home gardener, our super strong, super tough carts feature large pneumatic tires for all landscapes and terrains to make moving heavy loads around your nursery a breeze! Our versatile wagons help you transport landscape stones, flowers, shrubs, small trees, and greenhouse supplies with ease. We also offer a full line of retail customer shopping carts specifically made for garden center customers.

An unrivaled selection chosen for strength, versatility, and great maneuverability, Gothic Arch Greenhouses offers the very best in greenhouse wagons, carts, and supplies. Commercial quantity volume pricing available, call today to inquire. 1-800-531-4769

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