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Evaporative Cooling

Without the right greenhouse cooling or climate conditioning, your greenhouse can quickly become too hot for your plants. A properly designed cooling system can help beat the heat and protect your plants from overheating.

Maximize your greenhouse productivity with energy-efficient evaporative cooling systems. Our advanced technology utilizes water evaporation to regulate temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring ideal growing conditions for your plants. Learn more about our evaporative cooling solutions for greenhouses today.

Evaporative cooling is a process that uses the natural cooling effect of water to lower the temperature of the surrounding air. It evaporates water into the air, which absorbs heat and lowers the temperature. This process occurs in nature, such as when sweat evaporates from our skin, but it can also be used in various industrial and residential applications to provide cooling.

In evaporative cooling systems, a device known as an evaporative cooler also called a swamp cooler, is used. It consists of a water reservoir, a pump, and a fan. The pump circulates water from the reservoir to a cooling pad or media made of a porous material that absorbs water. The fan then blows air through the wet cooling pad, which causes the water to evaporate and cools the air as it passes through.

Evaporative cooling is an efficient and cost-effective method of cooling in dry climates with low humidity. However, in humid environments, the cooling efficiency of evaporative cooling systems is reduced because the air is already saturated with moisture and cannot absorb much more water vapor.

When choosing a greenhouse cooling system, please consider the following

  • The temperature requirements of your plants
  • The climate in your area

Cooling options

One greenhouse cooling option is our Evaporative Cooling System. The new design of this system eliminates the need for a separate external sump tank and minimizes the amount of piping needed for the system while reducing annoying leaks. The open-top design allows for easy detection and cleaning of clogged holes in the distribution pipe. This system is available in aluminum and PVC to meet your needs. Replacement evaporative cooling pads are also available for purchase.

Another option for cooling your greenhouse is to use our Portable Evaporative Cooler. This system uses the natural cooling process of evaporating water to reduce temperatures up to 30°F at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.

Suppose you need additional cooling for your greenhouse. In that case, we provide a huge selection of the highest-quality fogging systems that aid in evaporative cooling and humidification to keep your environment even cooler than a cooling system.

Our greenhouse experts can assist you in choosing the right equipment and supplies to fit your specific needs. Call us toll-free at 1-800-531-4769 to get started.