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One of the most exciting stages of building your perfect greenhouse is designing a structure that complements your style and landscape, which also provides an environment that helps your plants grow and thrive year-round. Gothic Arch Greenhouses offers a variety of glazing and coverings to meet your design needs while offering superior functionality for your growing space. Glazing is the covering around your greenhouse frame. It is responsible for letting sunlight and its warmth in while keeping the elements out. Our glazing options allow you to attain the best balance between insulating value, aesthetics, and budget.

The glazing material used on a greenhouse influences the productivity and performance of your structure. These materials have different, noteworthy characteristics.

  • Discover the ideal greenhouse covering for your plants. Our high-quality options provide optimal insulation, light transmission, and durability for successful cultivation.
  • Protect your plants and optimize their growth with our greenhouse coverings. Choose from a range of materials that offer excellent light diffusion and weather resistance.
  • Enhance your greenhouse performance with our top-quality coverings. From UV protection to heat retention, our solutions provide the perfect environment for successful plant cultivation.
  • Invest in reliable greenhouse coverings to create an optimal growing environment. Our durable materials offer excellent insulation and light transmission for healthy plant development.
  • Choose the right greenhouse covering for your needs. Our selection includes options that provide superior climate control, energy efficiency, and protection for your plants.

When choosing a greenhouse covering, you should consider:

  • The lifespan you expect from your glazing
  • Hail and rock resistance, as well as hail frequency in your area
  • Strength against wind and snow
  • Average climate high and low temperatures
  • Energy efficiency
  • Light transmittance
  • Light diffusion
  • Weight of the glazing versus the strength of your greenhouse frame


Important terms to know when looking for your covering material

R-value refers to a material’s energy conserving and insulating properties. The more insulating a material is, the higher its R-value will be

Light transmission refers to the amount of visible light that enters through a glazing material.

Diffused light scatters natural light more softly throughout the greenhouse and reduces shadows caused by the greenhouse framing materials.

Rigid Greenhouse Coverings

We offer seven different rigid greenhouse glazing systems: single pane glass, double tempered insulated glass, low-e double glass, twin-wall polycarbonate, five-wall polycarbonate, acrylic, and fiberglass. All of our covering options can be customized to your individual structure, utilizing one material for roofing and sidewalls in a different one to completely control the light and heat in your greenhouse as you choose. No matter your needs, our team of experts can guide you in choosing the right glazing or covering for your specific environment.

The R-values and light transmission of each can be found on our Rigid Coverings page.

Polyfilm Coverings

We also offer nine varieties of soft plastic and polyethylene greenhouse coverings: Ginegar Poly Film, GT Poly Film, Solar Ice Cooling Film, Tufflite Poly Film, Eskay Light Vinyl, 6mil Laminated Reinforced Poly Film, Blackout Light Deprivation Tarps, Solawrap Poly Film, and Solexx Poly Panels. Flexible and easy to install, with inflation blowers, wiggle wire & base, and taping accessories to completely outfit your greenhouse, hoop house, or cold frame.

Shade Cloth and Insect Screen

Gothic Arch Greenhouses offers a variety of shade cloths and insect screening to cover your garden, greenhouse, swimming pool, recreational area, sound stage, retail space, and a multitude of other things. Shade cloth is versatile, economical, and customizable, making it easy to use, easy to install, and easy to enjoy.

In addition to standard black garden shading cloth, we offer a variety of colored cloth, reflective cloth, blackout cloth, insect screens, and specialty application shade cloth. Regardless of color or material, shade cloth will reduce solar radiation to crops and provide shade protection wherever you need it. Whether you require physical protection from birds, hail, and insects, or environmental control over humidity, UV rays, and temperature, we have a shade cloth for you. Each of our greenhouse shading solutions have their own unique properties including shade factor, breathability, condensation control, and aesthetics. The higher the shade factor, the more protected your crops, plants, greenhouses, and outdoor areas will be.

At Gothic Arch Greenhouses, we cover your needs completely. Let us help make your dream greenhouse a reality. Give us a call today at 1-800-531-4769.