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Level 2 Recommended Greenhouse Packages

Our Level 2 Recommended Greenhouse Packages have been thoughtfully put together to perfectly coordinate with our Five-Phase Plan for instructors who have 26-50 students. Each structure falls within the recommended size range, and the equipment requirements have been selected by our experts to meet the environmental needs of your greenhouse.

We have assembled packages in your choice of full polycarbonate, a combination of glass and polycarbonate, metal framing, or wood framing. All packages are available with custom upgrades, additional specifications, and different equipment options. We can custom tailor our Five-Phase Plan to suit your needs, and create a custom greenhouse package just for you. Contact us for more details.

Level 1 Greenhouse Packages Include

  • Complete greenhouse frame and covering
  • Exhaust fans
  • Cooling system
  • Ventilation system with motorized shutters and exhaust fans
  • Benching system
  • 60% black shade cloth
  • Horizontal airflow fans
  • Thermostatic logic controller
  • All necessary installation and equipment mounting hardware

Important Information

  • When ordering, please check your local building code requirements, as well as what is required by your school’s governing body; many districts require engineered structures for use on campus property.
  • The Little Sprouters packages do not include doors. Please contact us for our ADA compliant door options
  • Each structure may have a different wind and snow load.
  • Packages do not include engineered stamp drawings.
  • Please contact us regarding the ADA compliant door options that we have available, as well as for a quote for drawings, calculation packages, and costs of structural upgrades which may be required.

Also Available Separately

  • Complete Level 2 recommended accessories packages
  • Heating systems (please check your local fire codes and ordinances)
  • Hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems