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Gothic Arch Greenhouses is pleased to partner with two dependable financing teams to help both Commercial Growers and Homeowners catch the sunshine in the greenhouse of their dreams!

Businesses/ Commercial Growers

Pinnacle Capital provides top-notch financing options for business owners and commercial growers, specifically aligned to the needs of the commercial production and nursery industries.

Pinnacle Capital Partners offers a full line of financial services designed to help growers finance the very best in greenhouse structures and equipment technologies.

Getting started is simple. You can apply online in just minutes, and get approval quickly.

Our streamlined process allows us to provide you with a decision within a day.

Once approved, our greenhouse experts will assist in placing your order. Email for a quote today! 

Homeowners/ Residential Growers

HFS Financial provides financing to homeowners in the US, with no equity required and no money down financing options to suit borrowers of all types.

Click this link to view the many financing options, apply, and receive an approval within a day.


Hemp/ Canna Growers

Qualifying hemp and cannabis growers can apply for financing