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Residential & Hobby Greenhouses

Residential & Hobby Greenhouses

Gothic Arch Greenhouses has more greenhouse styles, sizes, and solutions for home gardeners than anyone else in the industry, no matter the size of your growing area or budget.

How can a home greenhouse benefit you? Besides the sheer enjoyment of elevating your gardening to the next level, a residential greenhouse can give you food security. It can provide fresh blooms to decorate your table and brighten your mood. 

As outdoor living spaces become more central to our lives today, a hobby greenhouse can add value and enjoyment to your home. It can also give kids an active space to learn the science of growing.

The health benefits of gardening are well-documented, and a greenhouse extends your growing season through the entire year. If you have a green thumb or just want to try your hand at horticulture, a greenhouse can be a great choice for your home.

A hobby greenhouse can also:

  • Give you access to unique, hard-to-find foods at home
  • Start seeds early in the season
  • Grow specialty, tropical or high-humidity plants
  • Extend your growing season
  • Protect plants from extreme weather such as hail, flooding, and high winds
  • Protect crops from extreme temperatures, early or late season freezes, chilly weather, or withering extreme summer highs
  • Guard plants against insects and pests

Once considered a luxury, hobby greenhouses are now available for sale in kits optimally designed for the home gardener and can easily be outfitted to suit herbs, vegetables, tropical flowers, orchids, and more. As interest in growing your own food at home has increased, Gothic Arch Greenhouses has added to our inventory with more greenhouse options and growing solutions to suit all budgets, climates, and levels of growing expertise.

We carry a hand-picked selection of the finest hobby greenhouse kits for every price range and horticultural and architectural application. From a basic poly-film-covered beginner hobby greenhouse to the finest quality European-style glass greenhouses, our expert team will help you choose the perfect kit or structure for your backyard, garden, balcony, or rooftop.  For urban gardeners adding green spaces to maximize sustainability efforts, homesteaders moving off-grid, exotic orchid enthusiasts protecting rare collections, and every grower in between, Gothic Arch Greenhouses has a structure suited to your unique needs.

Hobby Greenhouses Kits

Creating a greenhouse from the ground up can be a lengthy process that cuts into your growing time. When you rely on Gothic Arch Greenhouses to help speed along with your project, you’ll get the perfect structure faster and for less money. Our greenhouse kits for hobby growers present ideal solutions for many specific requirements, and our team of experts can help you to choose the best greenhouse kit for your home, your climate, your growing needs, and your budget. Take your recreational gardening to the next level with the highest quality greenhouse kits for sale anywhere. Whether your dream is to start your seeds early, nurture bouquets by Valentine’s Day, or harvest your own produce year-round, Gothic Arch has the greenhouse to help you achieve it!

Our wide variety of economy greenhouse kits are specifically designed for smaller spaces and budgets but are still made from high-quality materials. The variety of sizes and styles of economy greenhouses ensures that you will find the look you desire for your space. These smaller home greenhouse kits can also be used to supplement your existing larger greenhouse as a separate growing space. If you’re looking for a permanent structure or just a small portable greenhouse, our team will help you choose a home gardening space to meet all of your needs.

Custom Greenhouse Kits

If you’re ready to step beyond a simple backyard hobby greenhouse, our high-end residential greenhouse kits are luxurious, beautiful, and permanent. All glass, all polycarbonate, or a mix of both to suit your climate, are available to give the look and feel of an iconic greenhouse. The glass glazing options create a feeling of the outdoors, surrounded by your own cultivated paradise. These home greenhouses are practical as well as charming. Several models have optional exterior design features to give your greenhouse a customized look, and can be installed at ground level or on a custom knee wall for greater vertical growing space, and can be freestanding structures or connected to your home. Sharing a wall with your house, we offer both lean-to and abutted styles to let you design the look you envision for your ideal indoor/ outdoor space. From rustic wooden-framed Gothic styles to classic English greenhouses, we customize our designs to suit your needs and your home’s characteristics.

Our engineered greenhouses can be designed to meet the specifications for your area’s wind and snow load. For a structure that can withstand high wind and greater snow loads, Gothic Arch Greenhouses offers the best greenhouses for sale. Our greenhouse experts work directly with you or your architect, contractor, or project manager throughout all stages of your greenhouse build, from budgeting, design, and permitting through installation, operation, and enjoyment.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses carries a variety of styles of home greenhouses to ensure that you will find a structure to fit your available space and personal design aesthetic. From old-world Victorian Greenhouses to sleeker, more modern growing spaces, we strive to offer the best quality products for every budget.

Our commitment is to help you choose the perfect greenhouse for your home, school, or community. All of our greenhouses are built with quality materials that are meant for long-lasting performance. With strong framing options in wood, galvanized steel, and aluminum and with a variety of glazing options including all glass glazing, all polycarbonate covering, or a combination of both with single and multiwall choices, we offer practical and economical solutions to meet all of your greenhouse growing needs.

Why Consider a Greenhouse for Residential?

Imagine a sanctuary where your plants can thrive away from the elements, where seasons bend to your will. The allure of greenhouses lies not just in their ability to extend the growing season but in their promise of leisure, sustainability, and connection to nature. Whether you're nurturing exotic flowers or growing your own food, a greenhouse offers a canvas for your botanical aspirations.

Embarking on the journey of owning a residential or hobby greenhouse is akin to cultivating a personal Eden. It's a venture that promises not just the joy of gardening but a year-round bounty of beauty and produce, regardless of the whims of weather. This guide aims to shepherd you through the verdant paths of setting up your greenhouse, making the process as rewarding as the harvest.

Types of Greenhouses: Residential & Hobby Greenhouses?

From the sunlit simplicity of lean-tos to the grandeur of freestanding structures, greenhouses come in a myriad of forms to suit every space and budget. This section will delve into the various types, each with its unique charm and functionality, helping you find the perfect match for your gardening goals.

Overview of Greenhouse Structures:

  • Freestanding Greenhouses
  • Lean-to Greenhouses

Greenhouse Covering Materials :

  • Glass
  • Polycarbonate
  • Plastic Film
  • Fabric Covers Greenhouse

Greenhouse Framing Materials

  • Wooden Frames
  • Metal Frames

Greenhouse Foundation

  • Concrete Foundations
  • •No-Foundation Options

Glass vs. Polycarbonate: A Transparent Comparison

Choosing the right glazing for your greenhouse is crucial for maximizing light and warmth while protecting your plants. Glass dazzles with its clarity and durability, while polycarbonate impresses with its insulation and resilience. We'll compare these two popular options, guiding you to a decision that best suits your horticultural haven.

How does the insulation of polycarbonate compare to glass in greenhouses?

Polycarbonate and glass are two of the most popular materials used in greenhouse construction. Each has distinct characteristics, especially regarding insulation properties.

Polycarbonate is often favored for its superior insulation capabilities compared to glass. This material typically consists of two or more layers of multi-wall sheets, creating air pockets between them that act as thermal insulators. These air pockets significantly reduce heat transfer, helping to maintain a more stable temperature within the greenhouse, regardless of external weather conditions. Polycarbonate has a higher R-value, which measures thermal resistance, indicating better insulation performance.

Glass, while offering excellent clarity and longevity, has lower insulating properties. Traditional single-pane glass, commonly used in older or more traditional greenhouses, does not provide much thermal insulation. This can lead to significant heat loss during colder months and excessive heat gain during warmer months, requiring more energy for heating and cooling to maintain optimal plant growth conditions.

Polycarbonate might be the better choice for gardeners in cooler climates or those looking for energy efficiency due to its ability to insulate more effectively and reduce energy costs. However, for those in milder climates or with aesthetic preferences for the clear, classic look of glass, the benefits of using glass might outweigh its lower insulation properties.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses is here to assist if you're ready to explore greenhouse kits for your home and hobby needs. Just look at our inventory of residential and hobby greenhouses and see why we lead the horticultural industry. If you have any questions about our hobby greenhouses, custom residential greenhouses, or growing supplies, please contact us at 1-800-531-4769.

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