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Cold Frame and High Tunnel Hoop Houses

Cold Frame Greenhouses and High Tunnels are simple in construction and easy to use. Also called a “hoop house,” these structures are backed by the USDA to extend growing seasons, promote optimal growing conditions and good conservation practices, and make the best use of farmland areas.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses participates in the USDA’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), which offers financial assistance to qualified growers for these greenhouse structures. This program is administered through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and is offered in all 50 states.

The benefits of a cold frame or high tunnel:

  • Will extend the standard growing season
  • Is typically heated by the sun
  • Most often used with polyfilm covering, fabric, or light deprivation tarp
  • Offers protection from rain, hail, wind, insects, birds, and other pests
  • Improves soil quality and conservation
  • Offers controlled growing conditions, so plant health is optimized
  • Reduces nutrient and pesticide drift
  • Can conserve water, allowing for better management of nutrients and reduced pesticide use
  • Improves air quality through reduced transportation inputs
  • Reduces energy use by providing consumers with a local source of fresh produce

Additional benefits of High Tunnel Greenhouses

As a practical season extender for earlier, higher crop yields, a cold frame or high tunnel from Gothic Arch Greenhouses is not only inexpensive but also provides supplemental growing space for big projects.

In many instances, cold frames and high tunnel structures may be upgraded with thermostat-controlled ventilation systems, HAF fans, shade cloth, heating systems, or end walls. Gothic Arch Greenhouse’s team of specialists can help you choose systems you may need to make the most of your high tunnel greenhouse.

According to the USDA, high tunnels and cold frames are an excellent choice for growers because they protect plants from weather extremes and allow farmers to extend past typical growing seasons – growing earlier into spring, later into fall, and in some climates, year-round.

High tunnels prevent direct rainfall from reaching plants, allowing farmers to use precise tools like drip irrigation to efficiently deliver water and nutrients to plants. High tunnels also offer greater pest control and can protect delicate plants from pollen and pesticide drift.

Soil health and conservation practices are often used with high tunnels, such as cover crops and crop rotations, which also prevent erosion, suppress weeds, increase soil water content, and break pest cycles.

High tunnels also help communities, allowing farmers to provide their local residents with healthy, locally sourced food for much of the year – food that requires less energy and transportation inputs to reach families.

USDA NRCS High Tunnel Program

Gothic Arch Greenhouses works with the USDA’s NRCS High Tunnel Initiative to provide greenhouses that help producers make conservation work for them. The goal of this program is to conserve natural resources for the future while also improving agricultural operations.

The EQIP program provides grants to implement conservation practices to encourage farming practices that can lead to cleaner water and air, healthier soil, and better wildlife habitats. Follow this link for NRCS EQIP Grant Application Information by State

Each State's EQIP page includes application ranking criteria, priority resource concerns, lists of eligible practices, payment rates, information about where you can submit applications, eligibility requirements, and other program requirements.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses offer many styles and price points in our Cold Frame and High Tunnel greenhouse line. The many covering options and accessory packages available will take your production to the next level, and with quick delivery, installation options, top-quality greenhouse supplies, and expert technical support, these structures are a solid choice for the serious grower. We stock extra tall high tunnels, multi-bay high tunnels, high tunnels spanning extra-large widths, and many other specialty commercial tunnels and cold frames. Take a look at our selection today to see why Gothic Arch Greenhouses is the most trusted name in commercial high tunnel greenhouses since 1946. Call one of our experts today at 1-800-531-4769.