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Seed Propagation

Seed propagation is the method of multiplying, reproducing, and breeding new plants through the use of seeds. Through seed propagation, seeds can be germinated and planted in individual containers or starter plugs in order to grow into healthy seedlings. These seedlings can later be transferred to containers, fields, or beds. Growing from seeds makes it possible to harvest the seeds from heirloom and rare plants every year. Gothic Arch Greenhouses offers a variety of seed propagation supplies that will help you grow from seeds and give your plants a healthy start.

When considering seed propagation, consider the following:

  • The types of seeds you will be growing
  • The size of your growing area
  • The climate in your area

Different seeds have different growing requirements. Some like a lot of water while others prefer very little. Knowing the optimum growing conditions for your particular seeds is important to successful propagation. No matter which seeds you are growing, the draining of excess water is crucial to prevent disease and for proper nutrient absorption. Choosing a container with sufficient drainage is imperative to starting seeds that will grow into healthy plants.


Seed propagation containers come in a variety of sizes making it easy to find the right containers to fit your growing area. Plug trays are containers that have cells wherein you can plant your seeds individually. Once your seeds have sprouted, you can move your seedling plugs to a propagation tray to encourage the roots to grow stronger. Propagation trays are flat containers that allow you to plant seeds side by side. After the last frost, your propagated plants can easily be transplanted into larger containers, gardens, or beds.


Seed propagation domes are covers for propagation containers that allow light in while keeping moisture levels high and constant. They also help retain heat within the growing containers.


Seed propagation mats are heating pads that propagation containers sit on during the germination process. Plants with a root zone that is kept warm thrive and propagate at a much faster rate than plants that do not. Particularly in colder climates, propagation mats help you start your seeds early in the year, extending your growing season.


Propagation chambers are ideal if you are planning to grow larger batches of plants or plants of all different sizes. Propagation chambers are cabinets with shelves, a water bath, and a heating element that house your propagation containers. The shelves are removable to accommodate plant height. Built in temperature controls allow for more consistency in the growing environment. The water bath keeps humidity levels high and excess water drains into a water pan that allows you to reuse the runoff.

Propagating plants and seeds helps them get off to a strong, healthy start. If you are ready to start your garden from seeds, call one of our greenhouse experts today at 1-800-531-4769.