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Things to Consider Before Building a Commercial Greenhouse

With new agricultural legislation, exciting advancements in environmental control technology, and the trend towards conservation and sustainable growing methods, there has never been a better time to be commercial grower.

Many growers on a commercial scale opt to build and utilize commercial greenhouses. Greenhouses can help streamline large growing operations, protect plants and crops from unpredictable weather patterns, extend growing seasons, and overall save time and money while producing large yields, viable crops, and more frequent harvests.

Whether you are interested in starting an agricultural or horticultural business, conducting research towards future agricultural or floriculture development, or reducing your carbon footprint, there are many things to consider before building a commercial greenhouse.

When planning to build a commercial greenhouse consider:

  • Is site accessible for a concrete truck?
  • Is site accessible for an 18 wheeler truck?
  • Will sanitation facilities be available at site?
  • Will site be graded to job specs prior to start of construction?
  • Are there any obstructions to site -- fences, shrubs, buildings, trees, etc.
  • Are there any hard surfaces on site such as concrete or asphalt?
  • Are there any underground utilities on the site?
  • Has an underground utility check been performed?
  • Does the site provide a flat, 3 foot working space around the structure?
  • Is there a staging area to lay down materials near the site?
  • Is there 120/240 volt single phase utility near the site?
  • What type of soil is on site -- sand, clay rock?
  • What will be the final ground cover -- gravel, concrete, ground cloth?
  • Will a building permit be required?
  • Will an engineering site survey be required to comply with local codes?
  • Will an engineering stamp be required?
  • Does your site qualify for farm exemptions?
  • How will your product leave the site?
  • Is there adequate space for parking for your workforce?
  • Is any processing required taking place on or off-site?

Gothic Arch Greenhouses works closely with experienced, large scale commercial growers, as well as growers who are just getting started or looking to expand their operation. We will work one on one with you or your contractor to design, install, and maintain a greenhouse that will meet your specific growing needs. Give us a call today at 1-800-531-4769 to speak with one of our commercial greenhouse experts.