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Commercial Greenhouse Structure

When looking for a commercial greenhouse for your growing business, look no further than Gothic Arch Greenhouse. Our team of experts will assist you in determining the best products for your specific growing needs and will help design a functional, well-equipped, strong commercial greenhouse that will provide the perfect environment for your plants and crops. Choose freestanding or gutter-connected ranges; our greenhouses can grow as your business grows.

Freestanding Commercial Greenhouses

The advantages of a freestanding commercial greenhouse are:

  • No limitations regarding size, height, or style of greenhouse
  • Better lighting conditions with light entering all four sides of the greenhouse
  • Can be oriented east to west to maximize the amount of light it receives
  • Can be expanded if you need more space in the future
  • Can be located anywhere that open space is available
  • Fully customizable to meet your specific growing requirements

When we design commercial greenhouses, we focus first on the quality of the plant environment. Creating optimum environments that fosters plant growth and is easily maintainable should be the primary function of your commercial greenhouse.

Gutter-Connected Commercial Greenhouses

If you are in the market for large-scale commercial greenhouses, no one can beat the experience and expertise of Gothic Arch Greenhouses. Our team has designed and built mega greenhouses all over the United States. Gutter connected commercial greenhouses are large structures that can be connected to one another. Commercial greenhouse ranges are formed by connecting individual units or bays at the eave or gutter. For greenhouses that can be expanded over time, can grow to accommodate changing laws and regulations, and give you the best value for your large-scale plant production, gutter connected commercial greenhouses are the ideal solution.

Growing in gutter connected greenhouses has gained popularity in recent years because:

  • High gutters and roof arches hold more air within the greenhouse which keeps indoor temperatures from dropping as quickly. Maintaining desired temperatures is easier in a gutter connected structure than in a freestanding structure
  • You have the added flexibility for growing one crop within the greenhouse or for creating zones where multiple crops can be grown within their own optimized environment
  • Gutter connected structures promote better productivity and lower labor costs by keeping employees under one roof. This means less walking between structures and a decrease in opening exterior doors that can cause climate variations within the greenhouse.
  • Optional roof vents and roll up sides allow for the escape of hot air within the greenhouse, making for better air movement.
  • Because of the tall, straight sides and webbed trusses, gutter connected greenhouses are easier to install and also make it easier to install shade systems and overhead irrigation systems.
  • Gutter connected greenhouses connect side by side which means there is no empty space between structures which helps maximize your land use.
  • Because you can connect as many structures as you need, gutter connected greenhouses allow you to expand your growing space as your business grows. This means that you can utilize multiple acres as growing floor space.

Commercial Greenhouse Options

  • Polyfilm-covered greenhouses
  • Single, double, or triple polycarbonate greenhouse structures
  • Commercial glass greenhouses
  • High Tunnel greenhouse structures
  • Single freestanding greenhouses
  • Gutter-connected greenhouse ranges

Commercial Greenhouse Recommendations

To fully outfit your greenhouse for maximum yield, we can also provide

  • Rolling or stationary greenhouse bench systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Nutrient management systems
  • Growing lights
  • Light deprivation systems
  • Environmental controls
  • Soilless growing systems

Whether you select one of our standard structures, require a customized greenhouse design, or are looking for a way to expand your existing greenhouses, our experts are standing by to help create your ideal commercial growing environment. Whether your business requires a two-bay sized structure or you are looking to grow crops over multiple acres, Gothic Arch Greenhouses has experts available to design and build a solution that is not only ideal for your business now, but that can also grow with your business in the future. Call us today at 1-800-531-4769.