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Anti-Insect Netting 50 Mesh

Protect your plants from insects with our Anti-Insect Netting 50 Mesh. This high-quality netting offers effective pest exclusion while allowing proper airflow and light transmission. Keep pests at bay and promote healthy plant growth with our durable and reliable Anti-Insect Netting 50 Mesh.


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  • Keep thrips at bay with our No Thrip Insect Screen. Designed to exclude thrips and other pests, this high-quality screen ensures optimal airflow for healthy plant growth.
  • Say goodbye to thrip infestations with our effective No Thrip Insect Screen. Protect your plants and maximize productivity with this reliable pest control solution.
  • Prevent thrip damage with our No Thrip Insect Screen. Enjoy a thrip-free environment while promoting healthy plant growth and optimal airflow.
  • Choose our No Thrip Insect Screen for superior thrip control. Keep your greenhouse protected and your crops thriving with this high-quality screening solution.
  • Invest in reliable thrip prevention with our No Thrip Insect Screen. Achieve healthy plants and maximize productivity in your greenhouse.


Insect PestInsect Size- Inch (Microns)Screen Type to UseScreen Hole Size - Inch (Microns)Performance
Leafminer0.025 (640)Anti-Insect Virus0.0105 x 0.0322 (266 x 818)100%
Melon Aphid0.013 (340)Anti-Insect Virus0.0105 x 0.0322 (266 x 818)100%
Whitefly0.018 (462)Anti-Insect Virus0.0105 x 0.0322 (266 x 818)100%
Western Flower Thrips0.0075 (192)No-Thrips0.0059 x 0.0059 (150 x 150)100%

Technical Information

SpecificationsAnti-Insect Virus ScreenNo-Thrips Screen
MaterialPolyethylene MonofilamentPolyethylene Monofilament
Construction50 x 24 mesh81 x 81 mesh
Opening Size0.0105" x 0.0322"0.0059" x 0.0059"
Thread Size.24 mm.15 mm
Weight0.33 lbs/sq. yard0.216 lbs/sq. yard
Shade Value20%33%
Light Transmission80%66%
Standard Widths78, 137 Inches134 Inches
LengthCut to SizeCut to Size
UV ResistanceTested to equivalent of five years field experienceTested to equivalent of three years field experience

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