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Aquafog 700 Humidifier Fogger Fan

Aquafog 700 Humidifier Fogger Fan atomizing fans are versatile and compact, capable of managing a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications for humidification or evaporative cooling. These nozzle-free fans can transform ordinary water supplies into a fine mist-like fog through the use of high-speed centrifugal force and airflow, projecting the mist up to 20 feet away.

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One of the unique features of Aquafog 700 Humidifier Fogger Fans is their ability to accept ordinary water supplies, including well or pond water, without the concern of clogging. This is achieved through a nozzle-free, self-flushing atomization system that directs liquids through passageways in the fan blades, atomizing the liquid upon exiting the blades. Aquafog  700 Humidifier Fogger Fans do not require high-pressure lines, as ordinary pressurized water lines are more than sufficient. Units can even be gravity-fed or connected to low-pressure supplies like reverse osmosis (RO) systems, saving time and reducing costs by eliminating the need for specialized pumps and filtering equipment. They combine the unique atomization process and the fan's forced circulation resulting in a high-quality fog with excellent distribution.

  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Pivot Fogging Head
  • Nozzle-Free Atomization 
  • Up to 5 GPHv (DF)
  • Up to 4 GPH ( BT and HS)
  • Stainless Steel Components
  • Arrives Fully Assembled


Flowmeter Control Panel (DF)

 Aquafog  700 Direct Feed unit comes with a flowmeter panel. This panel controls the water flow rate and fogging output. It features stainless steel construction and a clear polycarbonate flow rate scale for monitoring. Flowmeters require a water supply of 10 to 100 PSI.

The scale is displayed in cc/minute and equals a flow rate of up to 5 gallons per hour.

  • 20-300 cc/min (.3 to 5 GPH)
  • Needle Valve Flow Control
  • In-line Strainer

Standard Controls and Features (BT & HS)

Aquafog 700 Hanging Sump and Bench Top come outfitted for manual operation. The system can be automated by adding a control package.

  • 1/4 turn, Flow Control Ball Valve
  • Stainless Steel Hanger and Housing Support
  • Simple Garden Hose Connect
  • Water-tight NEMA 4X Switch Box

Additional Information


 Direct Feed (DF)

Bench Top (BT)

Hanging Sump (HS)

Fogging CapacityUp to 5 GPHUp to 4 GPHUp to 4 GPH
CFM 980 Cubic ft per min.980 Cubic ft per min.980 Cubic ft per min.
Motor1/20 HP, 115V, 60Hz1/20 HP, 115V, 60Hz1/20 HP, 115V, 60Hz
Energy Consumption1.5 Amps @ 115V1.6 Amps @ 115V1.6 Amps @ 115V
Noise @ 10 ft.63 dB(A)63 dB(A)63 dB(A)
Weight10 lbs17 lbs18 lbs
Unit Dimensions16"W x 20" H x 17" D16"W x 25" H x 18" D16"W x 28" H x 18" D
Power Cord14'12'12'
Water Line20' w/hose connector15'15'
CoverageAbout 500 sq ft. for Humidification Applications. About 300 sq. ft. for Evaporative Cooling Applications.Approximately 500 sq ft. for Humidification Applications. About 300 sq. ft. for Evaporative Cooling Applications.Approximately 500 sq ft. for Humidification Applications. About 300 sq. ft. for Evaporative Cooling Applications.

Comparison Chart

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