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Arch Commercial Series

The Gothic Arc Series is one of the most versatile commercial greenhouses on the market today. Engineered for moderate to extreme wind and snow environments, this greenhouse is able to meet any load requirements for your area. The gothic arch shape paired with roll-formed steel framing makes for unparalleled greenhouse strength and durability.

Arch Commercial Series are ideal for:

  • Seasoned and beginner commercial growers
  • Retailers are looking for an attractive greenhouse without compromising strength and durability.
  • Commercial and retail applications in areas with heavy wind and snow
  • Growers and retailers who are looking to expand their growing area
  • Retail garden centers that depend on large to display areas to maximize product visibility
  • Commercial and retail hydroponic greenhouse applications


  • Superior strength gothic arches and roll-form purlins ensure unmatched structural integrity.
  • Each arch assembly is produced from one roll-form component, no splices required, from peak to gutter.
  • Condensate control features built into arches and purlins.
  • 8mm Twin-wall Polycarbonate Glazing for Roof, Sidewalls and Endwalls


  • Components are shipped pre-punched and cut to length, simplifying the installation.
  • Roll-form components nest one into the other during shipment, substantially reducing freight rates.
  • Ease of construction cuts down on labor costs as compared with other commercial greenhouses.

We can also provide:

  • Rack & Pinion roof vents
  • Rack & Pinion side or end vents
  • Roll-up side or end wall curtains
  • Swing, sliding or roll-up door assemblies
  • Internal retractable shade systems
  • Exhaust fans, circulation fans and evaporative cooling systems
  • Space heaters, or radiant heat systems
  • Stationary, rolling or portable bench assemblies

For an engineered commercial or retail greenhouse with unmatched structural integrity and versatility that will save you time and money, call one of our greenhouse experts today to learn more about the Arch Series. 1-800-531-4769 (toll free).