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Arched Hearthside Pergola


Unstained pressure-treated pine wood, solid laminated 5″ x 5″ posts, 2″ x 6″ arched joists utilizing engineered connection brackets for strength. Arched rafters span across even measurement side and 2″ x 6″ runners with scalloped ends spans odd side. Both with notched intersections to resist warping. Triple ply 2″ x 8″ header for added strength to maintain a straight non-sagging appearance, and mounting brackets for concrete pad and wood decks.

Notched IntersectionsEngineered Connection BracketTriple-Ply HeaderPost SkirtCovers bracket and bolts
Notched IntersectionsEngineered Connection Brackettriple-ply-header.
Post-Skirt Covers bracket and bolts.

Why Choose a Wood Pergola? Enjoy Timeless Beauty and Sustainability

Enhance your outdoor haven with a wood pergola that promises years of enchanting moments. The allure of real wood, with its intricate grain patterns and rich stain hues, adds a touch of elegance and tradition to your landscape.

Key Reasons:

  • Arched Hearthside Pergola | Timeless Elegance and Comfort Elevate your outdoor space with the Arched Hearthside Pergola. A perfect blend of classic arches and modern design, offering a cozy retreat for relaxation and gatherings.

  • Discover the Arched Hearthside Pergola | Enchanting Outdoor Living Create an enchanting outdoor living area with the Arched Hearthside Pergola. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it adds charm and character to any landscape.

  • Arched Hearthside Pergola: Where Elegance Meets Functionality Unveil the beauty of the Arched Hearthside Pergola, a harmonious fusion of elegant arches and practical design. Enjoy shaded comfort and stunning aesthetics in one.

  • Experience Luxury with the Arched Hearthside Pergola | Crafted for You Transform your outdoor space into a luxurious haven with the Arched Hearthside Pergola. With its exquisite arches and premium craftsmanship, it's designed for your comfort and style.

  • Arched Hearthside Pergola: Embrace Serenity and Style Embrace serenity and style with the Arched Hearthside Pergola. Its graceful arches, premium materials, and thoughtful design create a captivating focal point for your outdoor oasis.

  • Available Sizes:10', 12', 14', 16'

Make your backyard a haven of elegance and sustainability with a wood pergola that encapsulates the essence of nature's beauty.

Feel free to modify the snippet as needed to suit your specific offerings and preferences.

Paints / Stains

Golden OakCedarCanyon BrownMahoganyCinderMushroomSky GraySepia Brown
Golden OakCedarCanyon BrownMahoganyCinderMushroomSky GraySepia Brown

Available Options

Standard Options

Privacy WallBlocks wind and creates an intimate settingLattice Roof Provides increased shadeElectrical Package
Privacy WallLattice Roof Provides increased shadeElectrical Package

Post Options

Superior Post Creates an added element of refinement
Superior PostCreates an added element of refinement

In addition to helping you design your perfect pavilion, our experts at Gothic Arch Greenhouses can also provide assistance with foundation plans and communicate with contractors regarding site preparation and installation (additional costs could apply). Call us today at 1-800-531-4769 (toll-free).