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Greenhouse Coolair Power Tube Fan

Maintain optimal temperatures and air quality in your greenhouse with the Coolair Power Tube Fan. This powerful and precise HVAC solution uses a pressurized polyethylene tube to distribute low-velocity tempered air from a Power Tube Fan throughout your growing space. With its efficient and effective design, the Coolair Power Tube Fan is the perfect choice for greenhouse growers who demand consistent and reliable performance. Learn more about this innovative solution and start enjoying healthier, more productive crops today.

Product Details

  • Constructed of heavy gauge steel.
  • Air straightener vanes for efficient air distribution.
  • Totally enclosed heavy-duty motor with sealed ball bearings.
  • Propellers have six steel die-formed blades.
  • Belt-driven models have two sealed, lifetime lubricated, oversized shaft bearings.
  • 12" or 18" direct drive; 24" or 30" belt driven 


Fan Performance Specifications

Model No.Type FanCFMMotor HPTube SizeWeight
PTF112F17Direct Drive12501/61260
PTFA18H16Direct Drive36501/31972
PTFB24HBelt Drive48501/325120
PTFB30JBelt Drive75501/230150
PTFB30LBelt Drive10450130155

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Greenhouse Fan Size Calculator

Greenhouse Fan Size Calculator

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