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Decorative Colored Shade Fabric

Elevate your outdoor space with Decorative Colored Shade, a stylish and functional shading solution. These vibrant and eye-catching shade options provide relief from the sun and add a pop of color and personality to your patio, garden, or outdoor area. Enjoy the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality with Decorative Colored Shade, enhancing both the look and comfort of your outdoor living space.

Shade cloth is priced per square foot (Sq Ft = W x L) You may order to any length; however, shade sizes over 6ft have a possibility of a factory-placed seam.

No minimum orders. A $15 surcharge applies for all orders under $90

Please call our sales office if your requirements are greater than 15,000 sq. ft

For custom-finished sizes with edging and grommets, please email us at or at 1-800-531-4769.

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  • Optimize your plant growth with ChromatiNet Pearl Shade Cloth. Its diffusing effect covers lower stems and leaves, increasing photosynthesis efficiency for accelerated growth and superior product quality.

  • Discover the power of ChromatiNet Pearl Shade Cloth. This search engine-friendly shade cloth diffuses direct light, promoting abundant growth, and enhancing the quality of herbs, leaf vegetables, and nursery crops.

  • Enhance your gardening success with ChromatiNet Pearl Shade Cloth. Its diffused light effect stimulates secondary branching, resulting in lush growth and improved quality for a variety of plants, including herbs and leafy vegetables.

  • Experience accelerated plant growth with ChromatiNet Pearl Shade Cloth. Its unique design maximizes photosynthesis efficiency, leading to abundant and high-quality yields, particularly beneficial for stem and leaf products like herbs and nursery crops.


  • Excellent shading solution for growers who wish to accelerate growth.
  • Obtain early flowering without decreasing flower quality.
  • Increase foliage volume plants such as house plants, decorative branches, non-
    flowering herbs, and a variety of field and nursery plants.
  • Enhance the development of root systems in shoots and tissue culture plantlets.
  • Flexible, light, strong, and easy to spread.
  • Available in various widths.
  • Recyclable and UV resistant.
  • 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%,70%.
  • Depending on the size ordered, your shade fabric may contain Factory Seams.


Blue ChromatiNet® allows you to grow healthy plants that meet market requirements. Annuals in nurseries are grown under the same percentage of shade; the plant crowns develop naturally with minimal pruning and no chemicals. For blooming, the plants are placed in full sun.

Recommended Shade Cloth Density

30%Asters, Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, and Snapdragons
40%Bedding Plants*, Gloxinias, Herbs*, Iris, Lilies, Vegetables*
50%Bromeliads, Ficus, Orchids (Dendrobiums, Epidendrums, Vandas)
60%Orchids (Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis)
70%Ferns, Orchids (Cypripediums), Philodendrons
* Various

*Note that thermicity is a measure of the amount of infrared that passes through a film. The lower, therefore, the better.



*****How to Order Shade Cloth:

  •  Select Add to Cart.
  • Select Shade Percentage.
  •  Select Standard Width.
  • Type length in for Quantity.
  • You may use the additional Instructions box to clarify your order.

           Ex: 20' x 10' 50% Aluminet taped and grommets 2' on center.

*****How to Order Taping:

  • Select Add to Cart.
  • Type total perimeter feet for Quantity.
  • You may use the additional Instructions box to clarify your order.

     Ex: Taping on long sides

*****How to Order Brass Grommets:

  •    Select Add to Cart.
  •    Type the total number of grommets you want.

    Ex: If you want grommets on every foot, you will use the total perimeter plus 1. If you wanted the grommets every two feet, you would use half your total perimeter plus 1.

*****You may use the additional instructions box to clarify your order.

          Ex: Grommets on 4 corners

*Note that thermicity is a measure of the amount of infrared that passes through a film. The lower, therefore, the better.


For volume pricing, please get in touch with Us or Call 800-531-4769.