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Destratifier Vertical 360 Fan

Destratifier Vertical 360 Fan 18" is a powerful fan that effectively mixes the heavy, cool, dense air that accumulates at ground level with the warm, light, thin air that lingers near the top of your facility. This creates a comfortable and consistent indoor environment from top to bottom. As a vertical, low-airspeed circulator, it is an ideal choice for maintaining air quality, and its impressive IP66-rated 3-year warranty backs Gold Star Motor. The fan is easy to install and requires no maintenance, helping you save on labor costs and reduce your heating bill.

Product Details

  • Gold Star motor is IP66 rated and covery by 3 year warranty
  • The Diverting cone is smooth for maximum air fluidity
  • Cone is molded from corrosion proof UV resistant poly
  • Gaurds & Frame are made from heavy gauge steel
  • They also have powder-coated resistance and easy cleaning
  • Precisely contoured blades for efficient air movement
  • Corrosion resistant cast aluminum hub
  • Mounting Brackets & Hardware are made from corrosion resistant steel


  • Reduces
    • Temp stratification and dead zones
    • Moisture condensation
    • Electric bills
  • Provides
    • Even the mixing of air
    • Healthier, more comfortable environment

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Greenhouse Fan Size Calculator

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