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Electric Peat Sterilizers

The information you provided describes an "Electric "XP" Peat Sterilizer." This is a specialized piece of equipment used in gardening, horticulture, and agriculture for pasteurizing or sterilizing soil, compost, and growing media.

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  1. Power Cord: The equipment comes with a 10-foot, 3-wire power cord and plug set for electrical connection. An optional 25-foot cord set is available as a special order.

  2. Handles: Heavy-duty plated handles are included to assist with lifting and moving the equipment.

  3. Temperature Control: The sterilizer has an adjustable temperature range of 140-200 degrees Fahrenheit (°F). This temperature control is crucial for achieving the desired pasteurization or sterilization of the soil or compost.

  4. Soil Capacity: The equipment is capable of handling a soil capacity of 1/2 cubic yard at a time, with the ability to process up to 4 cubic yards in 24 hours.

  5. Electrical Specs: It operates on 240V AC power at 50/60 Hz and has a power rating of 4000 watts, drawing 16.7 amps.

  6. Dimensions: The dimensions of the sterilizer are approximately 61 inches in length (L), 32 inches in width (W), and 16 inches in depth (D).

  7. Shipping Weight: The estimated shipping weight of the equipment is 185 pounds.

  8. Instructions Included: The equipment comes with instructions for use, ensuring proper operation and safety.


  • The Electric "XP" Peat Sterilizer is primarily designed for sterilizing long fiber materials like unmilled Sphagnum moss, which is commonly used by orchid growers. Its extra-wide openings accommodate bulky materials, reducing the labor required to load and unload.
  • The sterilizer is used to control weeds, pests, and pathogens safely and efficiently without the use of chemicals in soil or finished compost. It works by filling the sterilizer with soil or compost to the top, plugging in the unit, setting the thermostat to the desired pasteurization temperature (between 140-200°F), and allowing it to operate until the batch is done. The equipment has an indicator light that turns off when the process is complete, at which point the sterilizer automatically shuts off.
  • Afterward, the pasteurized or sterilized soil can be removed from the bottom of the unit. Gardeners can then add beneficial amendments and supplements to create customized growing mixes.
  • Additionally, it's important to note that sterilizing containers and gardening tools is recommended to prevent the spread of diseases and pests. Proper cleaning and disinfection of seed flats, pots, trays, and tools are essential steps in maintaining a healthy gardening environment.
  • This Electric "XP" Peat Sterilizer is a valuable tool for gardeners and horticulturists who require sterile or pasteurized growing media and want to ensure the health of their plants and crops.