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Green-Living Double Glass Greenhouse - Pavilion

The Green-Living Greenhouse is designed to provide the optimal environment for your plants while minimizing energy consumption. Featuring 22 mm thick double-pane gas-filled insulated glass panels, this premium greenhouse ensures excellent temperature control throughout the year. The thermal-insulated aluminum profiles, also known as "cold barriers," act as a secondary insulating component, creating a highly efficient greenhouse system that can be used as an outdoor pavilion for relaxing and entertaining. Say goodbye to temperature fluctuations and hello to a thriving garden in any season.
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  • Fully insulated greenhouse and pavilion
  • Glass: 22 mm (4mm - 14 mm gas -4 mm)
  • Aluminum Structural Profiles: all Thermal insulated - "cold-wall" barrier
  • 1 set double sliding doors for gable ends: 61" wide opening
  • 1 set double sliding doors for side walls: 61" wide opening
  • 4 roof windows with heavy duty automatic openers: 32" x 36"
  • 2 pop-out side windows (any wall): 32" w x 36" tall
  • Foundation Frame: optional use: 5" high I-Beam
  • 3 sets of double side roll-up shade curtains - with aluminum weave
  • LED Light Bar - full length of greenhouse
  • Doors and windows are preassembled by the factory
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states

The Green-Living Greenhouse is a premium and energy-efficient greenhouse designed to create an optimal environment for plant growth while minimizing energy consumption. Here are the key features and details of the Green-Living Greenhouse:

  • Premium Construction: The greenhouse features 22 mm thick double-pane gas-filled insulated glass panels. This premium construction provides excellent temperature control throughout the year, creating an ideal environment for plant growth.

  • Thermal-Insulated Aluminum Profiles: The thermal-insulated aluminum profiles, referred to as "cold barriers," act as a secondary insulating component. This design enhances the greenhouse's efficiency, making it suitable for maintaining a stable climate for plants.

  • Versatility as Outdoor Pavilion: The design allows the greenhouse to double as an outdoor pavilion for relaxing and entertaining. This dual functionality adds versatility to the structure.

  • Size Options: The Green-Living Greenhouse is available in three different sizes, allowing users to choose the one that best accommodates their specific needs and available space.

  • Double Sliding Doors: The package includes two sets of double sliding doors, offering easy access and excellent ventilation. This feature enhances airflow within the greenhouse.

  • Roof Windows with Solar-Powered Openers: Four roof windows equipped with heavy-duty automatic solar-powered openers contribute to optimal ventilation. These windows open automatically to regulate temperature and airflow.

  • Push-Out Side Wall Windows: The greenhouse includes two push-out side wall windows, providing additional options for regulating airflow according to specific preferences.

  • LED Lighting Bar: For serious growers, the Green-Living Greenhouse comes with a full-length LED lighting bar. This feature ensures that plants receive adequate lighting even in less sunny conditions.

  • Self-Contracting (Roll-Up) Shade Curtains: On sunny days when shade is needed, self-contracting (roll-up) shade curtains with aluminum weave come into play. These curtains help protect plants and maintain a comfortable environment.

  • Model-Specific Foundation Frame: The greenhouse ships with a model-specific foundation frame, offering a sturdy and durable base to support the entire structure.

  • Pre-Assembled Windows and Doors: Windows and doors are fully pre-assembled by the factory, streamlining the installation process for users.

  • Seamless and Efficient Setup: The pre-assembly of windows and doors eliminates installation hassles, allowing users to enjoy a seamless and efficient setup process.

The Green-Living Greenhouse aims to offer a modern, sustainable, and stylish solution for plant enthusiasts. By combining premium construction materials, advanced ventilation features, and additional amenities like LED lighting and shade curtains, it provides a comprehensive solution for creating an optimal environment for plant growth. The versatility of the greenhouse, which can also function as an outdoor pavilion, adds an extra layer of appeal for users seeking a multi-functional structure that enhances both their gardening experience and outdoor lifestyle.

The fully customizable  Greenhouse is a truly special design that will bring enjoyment for years to come. Call one of our greenhouse experts today for your quote at 1-800-531-4769

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