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Custom Design Greenhouse Irrigation Systems


  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel framing
  • Multiple lengths and widths
  • Walk-through design
  • Telescopic spray bar support arms
  • Aluminum spray bars

Irrigation components and accessories are available to order. Call for a quote.

Irrigation: 30 ‘W x 96’ L

  •         Mist:
    One ea Complete system with the high-pressure brass regulator, filter, punch tool, PVC pipe, gate valves, zone controller, and solenoids. Mist irrigation plumbed above benches with 36" long misters spaced 2' on centers and will have manual shut off. Hanging basket drippers are to be adjustable flow and have the capacity to be turned off. Drippers are spaced 24" on centers and 24" long.
  •         Fertilizer Injector:1- Installed minimum of 30" ground for easy access; all irrigation outlets are serviced through fertilizer injector. The unit provides a maximum of 12 GPM of fertilizer/water solution output. The unit must be installed with bypass and gate valves for flexibility.
  •         Controller: Rain Bird Model ESP 4M Modular Irrigation Controller. Includes an additional 3-zone module to give a total of 13  zones. This controller allows for future expansion of up to 13 zones. It has 3 independent programs to give the flexibility
  •         Includes Galvanized Steel Solenoid Manifold
  •         NOTE: A minimum of 55 PSI is required to operate the irrigation system properly