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High-end Classic English Conservatories

Nothing can surpass the charm and beauty of Classic English Conservatories. With elegant lines and exquisite detail, Classic English Conservatories are the ultimate extension between your living space and the environment, providing a functional sanctuary with unparalleled beauty.

In addition to creating extraordinary residential Classic English Conservatories, we also offer a full range of commercial conservatory options. Showcasing a conservatory in your local gardens, historical attractions, libraries, recreational facilities or event spaces is an easy way to draw the community and consumers to your location. These memorable structures add style and elegance to commercial properties and create a unique identity for your guests to enjoy again and again.

Design Options

We offer the most complete selection of decorative elements in the industry, including extruded moldings, gutters, ridge cresting, and finials. They create exquisite detail that previously was only available in all-wood Classic English Conservatories. Standard colors are Hartford Green, White and Rideau Brown, but custom colors are also available.

Our Classic English Conservatories are available in a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and shapes that allow you easily match or complement your home and landscape. We offer all aluminum designs, aluminum exterior/wooden interior options, a choice of solid Mahogany, or Spanish cedar wood. We also offer laminates in Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red cedar, Douglas fir, Redwood and Cherry. These wood finishes offer a warm interior finish that is protected by the virtually maintenance free aluminum exterior.

Choose from black, bronze, natural clay, white, sandstone, or Hartford green exteriors to complement your home and landscape. We also offer Kynar finishes and the ability to match any custom color, as well as wood and metal cladding options. Stainless steel and copper cladding can also be used for interior and exterior applications.

The standard greenhouse frame can withstand 85 mph winds and 30 pounds per square foot for snow loads. We offer superior design and functionality. Our thermally isolated structures and fenestration products can withstand even the most brutal outdoor climates. Our Classic English Conservatories can be designed to fit any structural need, including any hurricane and seismic requirements.

Glazing Systems

Our Classic English Conservatories feature a variety of glazing options to meet the requirements of your environment and climate. You have the option of choosing one type of glazing to use throughout your structure, or mixing and matching materials in order to optimize the interior climate.


  • Five-wall Polycarbonate

    Our new 25mm five-wall polycarbonate offers unbeatable insulation, at 50% more insulating strength than double pane glass, and 80% more efficient than 6mm or 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate. Five-wall greenhouse covering is ideal for colder climates, for gardeners who grow specialty plants, or for those who prefer the most energy-efficient greenhouse to reduce heating costs.

    R value = 3.03, approximately 62% light transmission.

  • Double Layer Insulated Glass

    Our double layered insulated glass is a tempered safety glass to minimize any possibility of breakage or injury. Insulated double glass is the best of both worlds, providing you with the aesthetically pleasing look of a glass greenhouse and the insulation you may require for your specialty plants or for hotter, sunnier climates.

    R Value = 2.04, approximately 90% light transmission

Our greenhouse experts are available to help you design a luxurious, relaxing conservatory that will bring beauty to your home, garden, or commercial property. Call us today at 1-800-531-4769 to get started on your project.

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