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Insect Control Screens

Experience superior insect control screens with our specially engineered insect screens. Designed to keep harmful insects out of the greenhouse while allowing maximum airflow, our screens are crafted with precision and high-quality materials. Our insect control screens feature exquisitely thin proprietary yarns and a uniform weaving process, ensuring consistent hole sizes and a virtually impenetrable weave that insects cannot burrow through. Despite this effective barrier, our screens promote comfortable airflow due to the use of small-diameter fibers. The outcome is a cooler and less humid greenhouse climate, creating a healthier and more productive environment for both people and plants. Trust our innovative insect control screens for optimal insect exclusion and improved greenhouse conditions.


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    1. Ensure effective insect control in your greenhouse with our specially engineered insect control screens. Keep harmful insects out while maintaining optimal airflow for a healthier and more productive greenhouse environment.
    2. Experience superior insect control with our precision-crafted insect control screens. Designed to keep harmful insects out and promote maximum airflow, our screens create a comfortable and productive greenhouse climate.
    3. Protect your greenhouse from pests with our high-quality insect control screens. Enjoy the benefits of maximum airflow while keeping harmful insects out, creating an optimal environment for healthy plant growth.
    4. Achieve optimal insect control in your greenhouse with our innovative insect control screens. Crafted with precision and designed to maintain superior airflow, our screens create a cooler and more productive greenhouse climate.
    5. Trust our engineered insect control screens for effective pest exclusion and improved greenhouse conditions. Experience the benefits of enhanced airflow and a healthier environment for your plants.
    ItemShading level in diffused lightShading level in direct lightPolyolefinFlame retardantApplicationFeature
    Balance16 %6%100 % Polyester NOExterior, InsideInsect control
    Balance Max15%7%100 % PolyesterNOExterior, InsideInsect control
    X-air21%9 %100 % PolyesterNOExterior, Inside
    Insect control
    Beefriend28%22%100% PolyolefinNOExterior, InsideInsect control
    Beefriend FR28%22%100 % PolyesterYesIExterior, InsideInsect control
    Xtra23%9%100 % PolyesterNOExterior, InsideInsect control
    Xtreme25%11%100 % PolyesterNOExterior, InsideInsect control
    Warranty five (5) years under all types of greenhouse covering. See Svensson’s limited warranty for all terms, conditions and exclusions in writing.


    • Longer harvesting weeks
    • Higher yields per planting cycle
    • Better protection against insects and viruses
    • More hospitable conditions for bumblebees and other beneficial
    • Increased crop quality
    • Better and more productive working conditions
    • Less money spent on pesticides and maximized use of biocontrols
    • Reduced flower abortion, burning fruit, and apical rotting

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