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Overwintering Greenhouse Film 5 mil 55% White

Overwintering Greenhouse Film 5 mil 55% White is a durable, high-quality greenhouse film designed for use during the winter months. With a thickness of 5 mil and a 55% white opacity, this film provides excellent insulation and light diffusion, helping to maintain a consistent temperature and protect your crops from harsh weather conditions. The film is also UV-protected to ensure long-lasting performance and resistance to yellowing. Ideal for use with ornamental plants, nursery stock, and vegetables, Overwintering Greenhouse Film 5 mil 55% White is an essential tool for any serious gardener or commercial grower looking to protect their crops during the winter season.


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  • Keep your greenhouse protected during the winter months with our Overwintering Greenhouse Film 5 mil Clear. This super-strong film has improved tear strength and is 25% lighter than standard co-poly.

  • Don't let the winter weather damage your greenhouse! Our Overwintering Greenhouse Film 5 mil Clear is designed to provide maximum protection against harsh winter conditions.

  • Looking for a strong and reliable overwintering film for your greenhouse? Our 5 mil Clear film is the perfect choice, with improved tear strength and a lightweight design for easy installation.


PropertyTypical ValueUnitTest Method
Specified3milAT Method
OpacityMedium (target 55)%ASTM D 1003
High(target 70)%ASTM D 1003
Tensile: MD
Max. Stress39MPaASTM D 882
Max. Load72.2NASTM D 882
Elongation667%ASTM D 882
Tensile: TD
Max. Stress36.6MPaASTM D 882
Max. Load72.2NASTM D 882
Elongation740%ASTM D 882
MD7.4NASTM D 1922
TD20.2NASTM D 1922
Dart Impact
F(50) Fold270gASTM D 1709

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