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Overwintering Greenhouse Film 5 mil Clear

This 5 mil clear overwintering greenhouse film provides excellent insulation for your plants during the cold winter months, helping to protect them from frost and harsh weather conditions. It is also strong and durable, with improved tear resistance and greater force needed to puncture it compared to standard 3 mil films.


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  • Keep your greenhouse protected during the winter months with our Overwintering Greenhouse Film 5 mil Clear. This super-strong film has improved tear strength and is 25% lighter than standard co-poly.

  • Don't let the winter weather damage your greenhouse! Our Overwintering Greenhouse Film 5 mil Clear is designed to provide maximum protection against harsh winter conditions.

  • Looking for a strong and reliable overwintering film for your greenhouse? Our 5 mil Clear film is the perfect choice, with improved tear strength and a lightweight design for easy installation.


PropertyTypical ValueUnitTest Method
Specified3milAT Method
OpacityMedium (target 55)%ASTM D 1003
High(target 70)%ASTM D 1003
Tensile: MD
Max. Stress39MPaASTM D 882
Max. Load72.2NASTM D 882
Elongation667%ASTM D 882
Tensile: TD
Max. Stress36.6MPaASTM D 882
Max. Load72.2NASTM D 882
Elongation740%ASTM D 882
MD7.4NASTM D 1922
TD20.2NASTM D 1922
Dart Impact
F(50) Fold270gASTM D 1709

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