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The Palma Greenhouse Heater 110v

The Palma Greenhouse Heater 110v by BIO GREEN is a powerful, energy-efficient, and compact heating solution designed to maintain a consistent temperature in small greenhouses. With an output of 1500W and an air circulation rate of 163 m³/h, it distributes warm air rapidly and evenly, while the digital thermostat allows for easy temperature selection and accuracy. The Palma's durable stainless-steel housing features a timeless design, slip-resistant rubber feet, and a carrying handle for easy portability, making it a versatile addition to any greenhouse or living space.
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Product Details

  • Floor-standing heater
  • Very inexpensive to operate
  • Now with Thermo 2 digital thermostat
  • IPX4 splash-proof
  • 163 m³/h air circulation
  • Cable length 1.9m (approx. 6.2ft)
  • 1500 W / 5120 BTUs heating output
  • The heater needs 12,5 amps - circuit breaker of 15 amps required
  • Ready to plug in
  • Heating in the cold, ventilation in the heat
  • Adjustment range -50 to + 99 ° C (-58°F to 210.2°F)
  • Robust and digital display
  • 1.5 m (approx. 5ft) temperature sensor cable length
  • Incl. Schuko socket
  • Thermostat for all heating or cooling units or fans
  • Up to 1500 W power-adjustable

Additional Information

Heating A Greenhouse

The "Palma" electric fan heater is durable housing, made primarily of stainless steel, and features a timeless design that blends seamlessly with any decor. This heater is particularly well-suited for smaller greenhouses with limited space, thanks to its compact shape, slip-resistant rubber feet, and convenient carrying handle that makes it easy to move and position anywhere.

Selecting the desired temperature is a breeze with the separate digital thermostat, which can be mounted at eye level and features a temperature sensor that can be placed anywhere. With a range of -50°C to +99°C (-58°F to 210.2°F), the thermostat is perfect for most plant-related needs. Unlike its predecessor Thermo 1, Thermo 2 also allows for greenhouse ventilation, keeping the air free of condensation. The device can even control servomotors, such as for first ventilation.

The "Palma" boasts an unmatched output of 1500 W and an air circulation rate of 163 m³/h, ensuring that warm air is distributed rapidly and evenly, and maintaining a consistent temperature in your greenhouse. With the digital thermostat's temperature accuracy (+/-2°C), energy consumption is surprisingly low, helping you save money.

In addition to being portable and robust, the "Palma" meets strict safety standards, with IPX4 protection that makes it splash-proof and safe for use in damp rooms like greenhouses, cellars, garages, workshops, warehouses, and music rooms. This versatile heater can even provide affordable additional heating in the living spa.

This heat-loss Btu calculator will help you decide on the size of the heater needed for your greenhouse. First, you need to know the Surface Area of your greenhouse. Use our Greenhouse Surface Area Calculator to find the total square feet of the exposed surface area of your greenhouse. Then, use our Greenhouse Heater BTU Calculator to find out the minimum heater BTU rating to keep your greenhouse at an inside desired temperature during the winter.