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Propagation Chambers

Our Propagation Chamber is used for rooting plant cuttings and seedlings. It works like a mini-greenhouse that will protect cuttings and give them enough moisture to survive until they grow roots. The hollow core plastic panels retain heat, humidity and allow light. There is a water pan that collects condensed water for reuse. The Propagation Chamber features eleven removable shelves, a heavy duty steel frame, stainless steel brackets and shelves, swivel casters, two locking brakes and a thermostat for temperature control

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    1. Accelerate plant growth with our cutting-edge Propagation Chamber. Designed for optimal conditions, our chamber provides controlled temperature, humidity, and lighting, creating the perfect environment for plant propagation and seed germination.

    2. Boost your propagation success with our state-of-the-art Propagation Chamber. Experience faster and healthier plant growth as our chamber maintains consistent environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and air circulation.

    3. Take your plant propagation to the next level with our advanced Propagation Chamber. Featuring precise temperature and humidity control, our chamber ensures optimal conditions for rooting, cloning, and seedling development.

    4. Achieve superior plant propagation results with our innovative Propagation Chamber. Designed for efficiency and reliability, our chamber offers customizable settings, allowing you to create the ideal environment for successful propagation.

    5. Maximize your nursery's productivity with our high-performance Propagation Chamber. Experience accelerated root development and consistent growth as our chamber delivers the perfect balance of temperature, humidity, and airflow.

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