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QuietCool Portable Belt Drive Evaporative Cooler

The QuietCool Portable Belt Drive Evaporative Cooler is an affordable alternative to a floor fan that can cool large, hot spaces up to 26° cooler than the outside air by using 6" cooling pads to discharge filtered air. Its versatile use includes areas like greenhouses, garages, warehouse spaces, loading docks, livestock pens, and even outdoor dining areas. Its effective and efficient operation requires only an electrical outlet and a water supply, and its durable rotomolded polyethylene housing and heavy-duty aluminum fan ensure longevity.

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  • Housing - Constructed of rotomolded, corrosion-free polyethylene.
  • Fan - Industrial duty construction.
  • Fan Motor - High efficiency for long life.
  • Recirculating Pump - High efficiency, maintenance-free, and corrosion-resistant submersible pump.
  • Float Valve - Corrosion and maintenance-free.
  • Water Lines/Fittings - All corrosion-free materials.
  • Cooling Media - Cross corrugated angle, with fluted specially formulated cellulose material treated with a thermosetting resin. Specifically
  • Designed for evaporative cooling, so the fan has no excess load.
  • The Belt Drive QuietCool is the quietest-running evaporative cooler,
  • Energy-efficient and zero water waste.
  • The submersible pump, valve, and fittings are all corrosion-resistant.
  • Thick aluminum bars at the top and bottom of the QuietCool case provide additional support.
  • Locking wheels allow for easy movement when needed.

Additional Information

ModelFanDriveMotorPumpSizeTotal Amps/Watts
QC3619,700 cfm @ .15 SP1/2 hp 1 Speed1/2 hp, 120v, 7.4 Amps1/6 hp, 120v, 5 Amps61 1/2" W x 63" H x 32 1/2" D12.4/1488
QC361X10,900 cfm @ .15 SP3/4 hp 1 Speed3/4 hp, 120v, 8.4 Amps1/6 hp, 120v, 5 Amps61 1/2" W x 63" H x 32 1/2"D13.4/1608
QC3639,700 cfm @ .15 SP1/2 hp 3 Speed1/2 hp, 120v, 8.9/6.3/3.2 Amps1/6 hp, 120v, 5 Amps61 1/2" W x 63" H x 32 1/2"D13.9/1668
QC48217,600 cfm - high, 11,300 cfm1 hp 2 Speed1 hp, 120v, 9.8 Amps1/6 hp, 120v, 5 Amps75.5" W x 79" H x 36" D14.8/1776

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