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Schaefer HAF Fan

Schaefer's circulation fans are designed to address heat stress and enhance air quality in various applications. Their unique design sets them apart in the market, offering superior cooling and increased air movement for greenhouse environments. Unlike competing products, these fans operate quietly and discreetly, ensuring a more comfortable and seamless experience. With Schaefer's circulation fans, the focus is on the tangible benefits – you won't hear them, you won't see them, but you'll certainly feel the positive impact on your environment. Invest in a solution that prioritizes efficiency and performance for optimal results.


Product Details


Deep Guard Design:

Unmatched performance, low noise levels, and safety without compromising airflow.

High-Quality Motors and Blades:

Motors and blades are matched for maximum efficiency in air movement.
Powder-Coated Steel Guards:

Provides increased durability and corrosion resistance.
Mounting Bracket and Power Cord:

A powder-coated steel mounting bracket and an integrated five-foot power cord are included for convenience.

Mounting Options:

A wide variety of mounting options is available for flexible and easy installation.

Wide Range of Sizes:

Available in several sizes ranging from 450 CFM to 10,000 CFM to accommodate different air circulation needs.


Suitable for use in greenhouses, garages, mechanic shops, warehouses, factories, and other locations where heavy-duty circulation fans are required.

Power Requirements:

Operates off standard 115-volt power using an integrated five-foot cord.


Each Schaefer HAF fan comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Made in the U.S.:

The fans are manufactured in the United States.
Note on Installation:

Models without OSHA guards should be mounted seven feet or higher.


VK88"Yes5'1/1001150.64501550-18008 lb.
VK1212"Yes5'1/10115/2301.3/0.651,4701,72518 lb.
VK2020"Yes5'1/3115/2303.8/1.95,4701,72535 lb.
VK2424"Yes5'1/2115/2304.8/2.45,001-10,0001,72546 lb

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