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School Science Greenhouse Package

School Science Greenhouse Package is Ideal for settings and classrooms and includes appropriately sized exhaust fans, motorized shutters, heater, HAF Fans, ADA-compliant doors, and automatic thermostat control. Recommended options (not included in listed packages): Evaporative cooling system, shade cloth, benches, irrigation system, environmental controller.
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  • Trusses: Allied Gatorshield 2 x 2 x 14 ga. Square, Spans 15' - 8'' Wid
  • Uprights: Allied Gatorshield 1-3/8 Round
  • Column Post: Allied "Gatorshield" Square 2" x 2" x 14 ga. - 6' Spacing
  • Bows: Allied Square 2" x 2" x 14 ga. - 6' Spacing
  • Purlins: 6 Runs Allied "Gatorshield" 1-3/8" Round
  • Runs Allied "Gatorshield" 1-3/8" Round
  • End Gables: Framing Studs: Allied "Gatorshield" 2" x 2" x 14 ga. Square
  • End Gables-Horizontal Purlins: Allied "Gatorshield" 2" x 2" x 14 ga. Square
  • End Gables- Base Extrusion: Aluminum base extrusion attractively seals and "trims out" the greenhouse base.Front End Gables: Framed for exhaust fans  & Door.Rear End Gables: Framed For Evaporative Cooling System


  • Roof Glazing: 8mm clear twin wall, no drip polycarbonate panels. (10 yr. warranty) & System: Extruded Aluminum roof channels spaced 6 ft. apart.
  • Eave Glazing System: Aluminum extruded eave channels allow easier installation & maintenance.
  • Eave Glazing: 8mm clear twin wall, no drip polycarbonate. (10 yr. warranty)

Door :

  • 1 ea 42" x 6' - 6" A.D.A. compliant single swing door(s) with lever action lock and key. 
  • Doors are three-quarter tempered glass, designed to open toward the outside of the greenhouse.

Sealed Engineering Drawings for Structural Design

  • Wind and Snow Loads
  • Wind Load (WL) 90 mph, 3-second gusts
  • Snow Load (SL) 10 lbs. psf, Ground Snow
  • Risk Category: II
  •  Note: This  greenhouse will be constructed with Posts on Plates with a concrete foundation


  • Exhaust Fan: 2 ea 18" Quietaire Industrial Box exhaust fan 1/4hp: 3490 cfm ea. @ .05 SP 110V. Fan(s) are single-speed and equipped with a shutter and guard. We offer 1.3 air exchanges per minute @ .10 inches of static pressure.
  • Motorized Shutter: 1 ea 24" Motorized Quietair Shutter, Mounted Above Cooling System For Fresh Air Intake at the minimum stage cooling.
  • Evaporative Cooling System :1 ea. 4 ft x 10 ft. Stainless Steel Quietaire Evaporative Cooling System with trough, plate, and 6" thick pad. The 6" pad material offers maximum cooling. Uses a 65 / 15-degree water/air flow with a 420 per maximum face velocity. Uses a 65 / 15-degree water/air flow with a 420 per maximum face velocity. Includes sump pump and float valve for proper water level regulation.
  • Automatic Wall Vent: 1 ea 4 ft x 10 ft. Automatic Wall Vent located behind the evaporative cooling system. Wall vent uses a motorized rack & pinion drive system, offering years of maintenance-free operation. Includes 24-volt motor and mounts and Vent Boss. Includes extruded aluminum frame and 10 yr. Warranted 8mm polycarbonate covering


  • One ea. 45.000 BTU Gas heater. Modine Model HD45A Heater delivers 80% thermal efficiency in a small package. We are featuring an aluminized steel primary heat exchanger. Enclosed fan motors and all controls are mounted inside the cabinet for protection from airborne moisture and dust.
  • It comes set up for LP gas, and Natural gas conversion is available.

Automatic Temperature Control

  • One ea Bartlett Instrument Company Climate Boss Controller. 
  • Touch screen technology enables you to control either mechanically or naturally cooled greenhouses.
  • This unit comes with a pre-wired relay box for ease of installation.
  • The Climate Boss can be programmed for 1 or 2 zones, allowing for programmable temperature settings in Day, Night, and DIF stages.
  • Includes two cycle timers for irrigation misting or lights: a vent stage for dehumidification: and alarm output for high or low temperatures for the past seven days are available as graphs.
  • WiFi Enabled Controller for Updates and HeadGrower app, which allows remote control and programming

Hanging Basket Rails

4 runs of 1-3/8" x 17 ga. Allied "Gatorshield" tubing running

Shade Cloth

  • 1 ea , 18’w x 24’ L Shade Cloth for  for 16' W x 24' L
  • 1 ea , 18’w x 36’ L Shade Cloth for  for 16' W x 36' L
  • 51% Svensson_Harmony Shading factor. Grommeted and taped 2 feet on centers. 
  • The shade cloth will be applied to the roof of the finished structure and attached to the midpoint on the side wall for easy installation and removal.
  • The shade cloth will help reduce inside temperature and allow optimum growth for "Partial Sun" plant material.
  • A 3/4" - 1 hole clamp with hardware and Lace Rope for Shade Cloth attachment is included.


  • Four ea 6' x 5' - 6" Portable Benches for 16' W x 24' L
  • Six ea 6' x 5' - 6" Portable Benches for 16' W x 24' L
  • Portable and Continuous benches are framed with aluminum extrusions and rectangular galvanized steel tubing. Cross braces and bench legs are made of 1" x 2" galv. Steel tubing
  • Stationary benches are framed with 1-3/8" Galvanized steel and trimmed with 2" x 3"
  • aluminum angle. All benches are covered with 3/4" x 13 gauge galvanized expanded metal.


  • Mist:
    One Complete a system with the high-pressure brass regulator, filter, punch tool, PVC pipe, gate valves, zone controller, and solenoids. Mist irrigation plumbed above benches with 36" long misters spaced 2' on centers and will have manual shut off. Hanging basket drippers are to be adjustable flow and have the capacity to be turned off. Drippers are spaced 24" on centers and 24" long.
  • Fertilizer Injector:1- Installed minimum of 30" ground for easy access; all irrigation outlets are serviced through fertilizer injector. The unit provides a maximum of 12 GPM of fertilizer/water solution output. The unit must be installed with bypass and gate valves for flexibility.
  • Controller: Rain Bird Model ESP 4M
  • Includes Galvanized Steel Solenoid Manifold


Emergency Lighting / Exit Signs / Fire Extinguisher:

  • Emergency Lighting / Exit Signs / Fire Extinguisher also has emergency lights powered by a rechargeable battery. Emergency lights should come on when the power is interrupted for any reason. 
  • One Multi-purpose dry chemical A-B-C rated 10 lb. Fire extinguisher charged with formulated siliconized dry chemical UL rated for fighting paper, wood, fabric, grease, flammable liquid, and electrical fires.

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