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Solar Garden Conservatory

The Solar Garden Conservatory is an iconic example of the picturesque charm of classic English or Victorian conservatories. With elegant lines and exquisite details, conservatories are the ultimate extension between your living space and the environment, providing a functional sanctuary with unparalleled beauty. This conservatory is as much an architectural statement about the importance of design as it is about the propagation of plants.

Conservatory greenhouses have grown unique plants uncommon to the area throughout history. They originated in northern Europe during the seventeenth century. Now, people use them as places to relax, entertain, and grow plants year-round.

Design Options

Our Solar Garden Conservatory is made of the highest quality materials, simple to install, fully customizable, and easy to upgrade. Offered in aluminum exterior/wooden interior options, this conservatory features a choice of solid Mahogany or Spanish Cedar wood. We also offer laminates in Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Redwood, and Cherry. These wood finishes offer a warm interior finish that is protected by the virtually maintenance-free aluminum exterior.

Choose from black, bronze, natural clay, white, sandstone, or Hartford green exteriors to complement your home and landscape. We also offer Kynar finishes and the ability to match any custom color, as well as wood and metal cladding options.

The standard greenhouse frame can withstand 85 mph winds and 30 pounds per square foot for snow loads.

Glazing Systems

Our Solar Garden Conservatory features a variety of glazing options to meet the requirements of your environment and climate. You have the option of choosing one type of glazing to use throughout your structure, or mixing and matching materials in order to optimize the interior climate.


  • Five-wall Polycarbonate

    Our new 25mm five-wall polycarbonate offers unbeatable insulation, at 50% more insulating strength than double pane glass, and 80% more efficient than 6mm or 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate. Five-wall greenhouse covering is ideal for colder climates, for gardeners who grow specialty plants, or for those who prefer the most energy-efficient greenhouse to reduce heating costs.

    R value = 3.03, approximately 62% light transmission

  • Single Layer Tempered Glass

    Our single layer tempered glass is a tempered safety glass to minimize any possibility of breakage or injury. The traditional look is appealing to greenhouse gardeners and offers full light transmission to control growing variables. Single pane glass is adequate for keeping a `cool greenhouse` in mild climates.

    R value = 0.9, approximately 95% light transmission.

  • Double Layer Insulated Glass

    Our double layered insulated glass is a tempered safety glass to minimize any possibility of breakage or injury. Insulated double glass is the best of both worlds, providing you with the aesthetically pleasing look of a glass greenhouse and the insulation you may require for your specialty plants or for hotter, sunnier climates.

    R Value = 2.04, approximately 90% light transmission


Frames are constructed of extruded aluminum and thermally broken aluminum for maximum insulation value. The extruded aluminum parts are warranted for 15 years. Each structure is prefabricated before delivery to ensure minimal field alternations and seamless installation. This extra step results in a product that is easier and less time consuming to install.

Structural Options

These beautiful conservatories are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and installations including domes, pyramids, barrel vaults, terrace doors, pivoting doors, sliding doors, garden windows, and more. Choose to attach your structure to your home or as a free-standing greenhouse or pool enclosure.

This conservatory features either straight or curved eave silhouettes which can be enhanced by our wide selection of bespoke finials, ridges, and transom grids. These accessories easily allow you to add more charm and personality to your conservatory. Every detail of this classic, romantic greenhouse is customizable to your specific aesthetic to create a space that is uniquely you.

Available in custom colors and sizes, it’s easy to show off your individual style and taste with a Solar Garden Conservatory. Call one of our greenhouse experts today at 1-800-531-4769(toll free).

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