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TAB Aquaponics

TAB Aquaponics System is a highly productive, year-round, organic, low-stress aquaponics gardening system designed to grow plants and fish year-round, both indoors and out.!

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TAB Aquaponics System is a highly productive aquaponics system that grows a nearly infinite variety of plants using organic nutrients supplied by fish growing in an attractive adjoining tank that automatically waters and fertilizes itself.

These systems come in four elegant color options that make them beautiful and ideal for home growers and backyard greenhouses. Optional hanging bars for grow lights and trellising tall plants add to the beauty and functionality of this system.

60-gallon Fish Tank to grow full-size, edible fish.

12" deep Grow Bed with Media Blocker for easy maintenance.

Rotational molded 1/4" thick, UV-protected, food-safe PE plastic – will not bow with heat and weight.

1 1/2", 14-gauge, powder-coated square steel tubing.

Black, furniture-grade PVC won't break down in outdoor heat.

It is made entirely in the USA.

Handles and castors on the table, handles on the fish tank, and grow bed for easy lifting and transporting.

7.5 cubic feet of plant growing space.


How TAB Aquaponics System Works:

The TAB Aquaponics is one of our simplest, space-effective aquaponic systems without sacrificing quality. It is the most miniature system we sell that still allows for the production of edible fish! This complete package includes everything you need to get your small-scale Aquaponic System running in your home and features a two ′ x 3.5′ growing space full of expanded clay media, perfect for growing greens, herbs, and fruiting crops; as well as a 60-gallon fish tank below to grow edible or decorative fish species. The TAB Aquaponics is an ebb and flow system which uses an analog single-outlet timer to provide water cycles of 15 minutes on and 45 minutes off.

Designed for Year-Round Gardening

  • Support stand designed to accept optional, matching Hanging Bar for grow lights and trellising tall plants
  • Handles and optional castors on the grow bed stand and handles on the fish tank and grow bed for easy lifting and transporting.
  • 7.5 cubic feet of plant growing space.

Designed for the Home

  • The dimensions are 50″ long x 28″ wide x 43″ high (w/o the Light Bar).
  • No width more significant than 28"– fits through all exterior doorways
  • Support Frame and Hanging Bar made of black powder coated steel

Here's What's Included with each TAB Aquaponics System:

  • 60 Gallon Fish Tank and Grow Bed made from 1/4″ thick, UV-protected, food-safe PE plastic
  • 1" powder-coated steel tubing frame
  • 200 liters of Grow-!t brand Grow media to fill the growing bed
  • 250 gph pump with Quikloc fittings for easy connection from the pump to the grow bed
  • All plumbing supply and return fittings
  • Aerator, airstones, and tubing
  • Our AquaStart Startup kit with Master API test kit, TAB Aquaponics, AquaDown, digital thermometer, and AquaStart cycling kit
  • Online course with over 5.5 hours of instruction
  • Optional Light Bar assembly