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Grow Lighting Systems/Kits

High pressure sodium (HPS) lighting has been the mainstay in commercial horticultural applications since its introduction.  The spectrum is rich in red wavelengths that provide an effect of daylength perception in plants promoting both growth and flowering in long-day plants like cannabis. But this spectrum is comparatively poor on the blue end of the spectrum, which inhibits stem elongation. HPS lamps also produce a significant amount of radiant heat in the plane of illumination.  This radiant heat is very effective at transferring heat to crops like tomatoes, peppers, or cannabis, which require high temperatures for growth and development.  The heat emitted from the lamps can also help to offset the cost of heating with natural gas or electricity.

Metal halide (MH) and ceramic metal halide (CMH) luminaires have been traditionally used by growers for the vegetative growing phase due to their broader spectrum and high emittance of blue light.  The blue light limits the flowering response and increases chlorophyll content, thereby helping increase the photosynthesis rate of the plant.  In addition, the blue and UV wavelengths have been shown to enhance the plant defense mechanism by initiating metabolic activity responsible for terpene and cannabinoid synthesis.

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