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Applications for Cold Frames

 Cold Frames

Cold frames are used in numerous agricultural operations but are particularly popular in commercial growing operations. A metal frame is constructed to fit over your crops. Usually, these frames are then covered with poly-film to protect plants from frost or extreme heat. While not meant to be used as permanent structures, cold frames are an affordable and versatile alternative to traditional greenhouses.

Applications for Cold Frames

Overwintering Plants

Fragile or tropical plants that may not flourish in the fall may benefit from being carefully tucked into a cold frame. This will give them enough protection in the cooler months to eagerly thrive in the spring. To adequately prepare them for a long winter’s rest, cut them back before the first frost. Place them in a container with enough soil to insulate the plant, and pack containers tightly into the cold frame. Water them enough to keep the soil moist, and protect them from sunlight so as not to encourage growth.

Starting Seedlings

Whether you plan to transplant seedlings from the greenhouse to the cold frame or start seedlings in the protection of a cold frame, it’s recommended that you have the portable structure in place for at least two weeks to help warm the soil you’ll be using. Unlike when overwintering plants, you’ll want to welcome sunlight into your cold frame to help encourage active growth. Transparent covers, such as clear plastic or glass, are recommended.

Hardening Off Young Plants

The transition of seedlings from the greenhouse or indoors to your garden can be a delicate one. You may opt to move plants out, then back in over a period of time. Or you may want to utilize a cold frame to help. Ideally, you want to wait until the temperatures have stabilized so your plants don’t experience shock in their new environment. Cold frames allow you to open and close to gradually help your plants acclimate to the outdoors. Check for new growth and thick, dark foliage—these are good signs!

Extending the Growing Season

Regardless of when the first fall frost arrives, you can use a cold frame to protect your plants. Because cold frame options are portable, you can take the coverage to the plants even if you can’t move them. Constructing hoop tunnels, then stretching plastic over the frame is a simple way to protect plants from cooler weather and frost. During the day, it’s recommended to pull back the cover as plants are well-adjusted to the outdoors, provided temperatures don’t drop below freezing.

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