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Blog posts of '2012' 'October'

Top Greenhouses – Gothic Arch Greenhouses
Royal Victorian Orangerie Greenhouse is high-quality profile system that guarantees a long life and excellent stability. Hinged profiles allow different roof shapes. Our Victorian greenhouses have been designed with a long life and carefree usage in mind. They meet the requirements of the most demanding gardeners and retain their value for many years. Helios is available in various designs with a wide choice in glazing and numerous well-thought out accessories. Therefore making these greenhouses ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you are growing vegetables or flowers or need a frost free overwintering spot for your valuable cacti or orange trees, our greenhouses always offer a solution that perfectly meets your needs.
Hobby Greenhouse Styles for your backyard
A hobby greenhouse can add much beauty to your home garden. Plants can be enjoyed year-round…and the greenhouse is a long-term investment. If you are new to greenhouses, these are just some of the things to consider before purchasing a quality greenhouse…. from choosing a basic style of greenhouse to designing your workspace and deciding on heating, cooling, and ventilation