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Blog posts of '2019' 'April'

Which Hydroponic System Is Right for You?
There’s no denying that hydroponic gardening is growing—and will to continue to grow—in popularity because of its convenience, efficiency and eco-friendliness. But if you wanted to get in on this hot gardening trend, where do you begin? Basic Wick Hydroponic System:
Using Ground Cover to Protect your Plants
Ground cover and low tunnels help growers transition between seasons with ease. Gardeners can prepare for late cold snaps and early heat waves that would otherwise devastate their crops.
How Grow Lights Affect Greenhouse Plants
Light is essential for plants to survive, but the color of grow lights can have a significant impact on how they develop. With the help of LED grow lights technology, multiple experiments are being conducted to determine how plants react to light when exposed to different colors of the spectrum in terms of height, weight, color, texture, and more.