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Blog posts of '2013' 'October'

Greenhouse Sprayers
Our greenhouse and agricultural sprayers are used by growers in greenhouses, nurseries, vegetable farms, fruit orchards, and flower gardens. Options include gas or electric motors, and tanks from 55-200 gallons. Our sprayers are built to last and versatile enough to change as your needs change.
How to get rid of caterpillars in your garden & greenhouse
Caterpillars are one of the most damaging pests in a garden. They consume massive amounts of plant material, and they consume it very quickly. Our tried and true methods to get rid of caterpillars are cheap, easy, and contains no dangerous chemicals.
5 Reasons You Should Be Growing Hydroponically
If you have been suppressing your interest in hydroponics out of fear or misunderstanding, it’s time to reach out and get help. At Gothic ArchGreenhouses, we are here to provide you with the tools and knowledge you will need to be a successful hydroponic gardener. Whether you are a hobby grower, a commercial grower, or a teaching facility, there are good reasons you should be growing hydroponically.