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Blog posts of '2013' 'March'

Gardening in the Greenhouse
There were times in the past that only the very wealthy aristocrats could afford to own a greenhouse in which to enjoy their favorite fresh vegetables and fruits all year long. With today’s advances in engineering, design and manufacturing, anyone can enjoy the remarkable benefits of owning a greenhouse.
The Joy of Gardening
There are few things in life that equal the rewards realized from growing a prolific garden. if planned well, you’re time and effort spent planting and tending a garden is repaid a thousand-fold.Time slows down to a more relaxed natural pace when you’re turning the soil, shaping rows, planting your favorite varieties of delicious healthy vegetables and beautiful flower
The Greenhouse ~ by Gothic Arch Greenhouses.
One’s greenhouse should be considered a place of tremendous gardening potential.In a well built, environmentally controlled greenhouse, you will be able to germinate and propagate most all of the plant material for your vegetable and flower gardens….as well as for the landscaping of your property.
The Garden – a aplace of power and beauty – Gothic Arch Greenhouses
If you have never experienced the wonder of anticipation of picking your own vine-ripened tomato or any number of delicious, nutritious garden vegetables….then you need to consider engaging in this rewarding endeavor. Where ever you live, as long as you have an available location that receives 6 or more hours of sunlight a day, then you have the potential to raise some of your favorite vegetables and herbs.
Environmental Control Systems in Greenhouses
Whether a backyard ‘green-thumber’, or a bottom-line conscientious commercial manager, owning and operating a properly functional greenhouse throughout the year depends on one’s ability to maintain temperature parameters specific to what you are growing. In the winter, you must keep the temperature from falling below a certain level….typically achieved by providing some type of supplemental heating system.