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Blog posts of '2017' 'November'

Gardening Gifts for Every Budget
‘Tis the season to spend, spend, spend, it seems. But if your finances can’t accommodate all the shopping you’d like to do, it’s still possible to find great gifts at prices that won’t break the bank or create a mountain of holiday debt you may soon regret.If you’ve got a gardener on your list—whether a seasoned expert or a budding novice—we can recommend some thoughtful selections that fit any budget!
Best Flowers to Grow in Your Winter Greenhouse
Gardening in the winter can help give you a boost during the sometimes dreary days, and focusing on flowers can have an especially positive effect by adding lots of color.
Understanding Greenhouse Lighting Options
Plants need light to grow and thrive, but how much and when can be affected by factors such as the age of the plant and the season of the year. In the controlled environment a greenhouse provides, growers set themselves up for success simply by understanding the basic needs of plants and the lighting options available.
Advantages of Cold Weather Hydroponic Gardening
Just because the weather gets colder, that doesn’t mean you have to go without fresh vegetables. With the help of hydroponic gardening, you can enjoy salads, cucumbers and tomatoes even though winter might traditionally dictate those crops are out of season.
Calculating How Much Heat Is Needed for Your Greenhouse
Properly heating your greenhouse is important as the warmer weather of autumn gives way to the cooler climate of winter. But if your goal is to heat it efficiently, you’ll want to take these steps to more accurately determine how many BTUs are required to maintain the temperature you want.