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A Garden Short Story – Gothic Arch Greenhouses
Today…Tomorrow….a Garden Short Story, there’s just not much out there that is more rewarding than putting in a good day readying the soil for this year’s Garden. Time is bent when your back is in the toil of turning and cleaning the earth….engrossed in the moment, yet somehow at the same time, dreaming of the bounty of fresh, delicious vegetables and fruits still months away.
10 Unique Holiday Gifts for Gardeners
Does the plant and flower lover in your life have a stockpile of planters, seed packets, and garden figurines going unused year after year? Does coming up with a unique, useful, beautiful gift for the gardener in your life seem like a daunting task? If so, we are here to help! Read more about 10 unique holiday gifts for gardeners that will make this year’s holiday shopping a snap for every budget
Best DIY Gifts for Gardeners
Gardeners can be some of the best do-it-yourselfers around, so they of all people would appreciate a considerate DIY project—or gift—during this time of year! Read about some of the best DIY gifts for gardeners below.
Common Winter Gardening Problems and Solutions
A greenhouse is invaluable to extending your gardening efforts all year long. But that doesn’t mean you won’t face a special set of challenges when the weather changes. Just because winter brings with it cooler temperatures doesn’t mean you can stop monitoring what’s going on in your greenhouse.
7 Gardening Resolutions for 2017
A new year always brings with it new resolutions. Most often, people tend to resolve to make changes for themselves, everything from getting in shape to getting out of debt. But if you are eager to make some positive changes in 2017, don’t forget about your garden!
10 Great Gifts for Gardeners
Got a gardener on your holiday shopping list? Fortunately, there’s no shortage of gift ideas, but with so many, where do you begin? For starters, consider your recipient’s level of interest, whether a beginner or an experienced grower, and even how small or large their garden may be.In the spirit of the season, we put together a list where you could find something that would make any recipient—and any budget—happy.
7 Best Cold Weather Crops
The impending arrival of winter is no reason to take a break from your gardening activities—unless you absolutely want to. Of course, a greenhouse makes it easier to support your growing efforts year-round, but if you choose the right crop—and if your local climate allows—there are even some things you can tend to in outside gardens when the temperature starts to change with the seasons.
4 Benefits of Greenhouse Gardening
Taking your gardening efforts to the next level and investing in a greenhouse does more than extend the growing season. Providing a controlled environment in which to grow various plants, vegetables and fruits is the major benefit of greenhouse gardening. But it goes well beyond that.
Gardening – One Day at a Time
Now that spring is solidly in place, with each passing day we witness the results of our time spent in preparation, planting and tending our gardens. There is a mounting sense of anticipation as we watch our carefully planting seedlings begin to put on top growth, indicating the development of a healthy root system.
Urban Organic Gardening ~ in Planter Boxes and more
If you live where there is little or no open ground for a conventional row or raised bed garden opportunity, then you may want to consider growing in planter boxes or large containers. All you need is a sunny spot that receives 4 – 5 or more hours of sunlight a day and you should be able to grow many of your favorite vegetables and herbs.