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Blog posts of '2013' 'May'

How to Beat the Heat for Greenhouses
Now that Spring is giving way to Summer….we find the heat build-up in a greenhouse can prove stressful to your plants…sometimes, even fatal.To counter the extreme heat build-up in a greenhouse, you’ll need to exchange the volume of air at least once per minute. Beyond ridge vents and sidewall vents, which have their limitation to how much air can be moved….the next step in combating the heat is a mechanical ventilation system – consisting of a shutter-mounted exhaust fan placed high in one gable end wall….and a motorized air-inlet shutter typically mounted on the opposite gable end wall at or below bench top level.
Get Growing – Gothic Arch Greenhouses
Catch the Sunshine and Get Growing….Now that we’re well entrenched in the 21st Century with our advanced level of communication and technology….it’s time we pause and reflect back from where we’ve evolved in the relatively recent past. Just a little over 100 years ago, our principal mode of transportation was a horse or our two legs…although some of us were privileged enough to enjoy the luxury of driving around in our horse and buggy…..or a Model-T Ford automobile.