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Blog posts of '2018' 'July'

How to Select the Right Size Greenhouse for Your School
Incorporating gardening to supplement your traditional classroom learning is an exciting step, no matter the grade or higher education level. Deciding to purchase a greenhouse for your school is a big step.
Best Coverings for Commercial Greenhouses
Selecting the best greenhouse covering for your operation means more than simply choosing among glass, fiberglass, polycarbonate or film—the most commonly used options. Choosing the best coverings for commercial greenhouses helps cut labor and energy costs.
6 Ways to Use Shade Cloth
Shade cloth is an invaluable commodity for lots of different applications. It is most commonly used to keep greenhouses cool. But did you know it has a wide variety of uses? As you can see on the list below, you can get creative with shade cloth while using it to reduce the intensity of sunlight!
What to Consider With Greenhouse Ventilation
Greenhouses are designed to trap heat, so learning to properly manage the temperature inside helps create the ideal environment you want. Ventilation is key in this process, specifically understanding the system that works best for you and how to most efficiently set it up. .