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Blog posts of '2016' 'September'

5 Winter Growing Tips to Keep You Gardening
Just because the days will start getting shorter after the autumnal equinox doesn’t mean gardeners will have to go into hibernation until spring. Utilizing a greenhouse is a great way to continue to stay involved with your gardening efforts, despite the cooler temperatures and shorter days to come.
LEDs May Light Future of Greenhouse Growing
Plants need adequate water, nutrients and a climate-controlled environment to thrive in a greenhouse. But multiple research points to light-emitting diode (LED) technology as the next up-and-coming growing essential, particularly for commercial operations.
How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for Winter
Preparing your greenhouse for the changes in seasons is one of the most important tasks you’ll do throughout the year to set yourself up for gardening success. Just like your home, your greenhouse requires regular maintenance and tidying, but you should also schedule time for a thorough cleaning.