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Best Vegetables to Grow in a Greenhouse

Best Vegetables to Grow in a Greenhouse

More and more American households are discovering the benefits to growing their own vegetables at home.

In just a five-year period, 17 percent more households—from 32 million in 2008 to 43 million in 2013—took to their backyards and community gardens to test their green thumbs, according to a special National Gardening Association report, Garden to Table: A 5-Year Look at Food Gardening in America.

Among the many benefits of growing your own food are: the likelihood of eating more fruits and veggies; saving money on your grocery bill; and controlling what goes in your food, which translates to better health.

Gardening is also seeing a renewed interest with trends toward locally-grown foods, self-sufficiency and ecological consciousness.

Of course, a greenhouse makes that easier since you can manage the climate year ‘round and extend the growing season for your favorite produce.

If you’re looking to transition to a greenhouse or you’re ready to get the most out of the one you have, these are some of the best-performing veggies you can grow in it. In fact, these do so well that it can turn a family greenhouse operation into a commercial enterprise providing a second income.

Leafy Greens: Particularly salad types and Bibb lettuces thrive in a greenhouse environment. With a wide range of colors, shapes and tastes among leafy greens, there is always room to experiment to see which variety you prefer to grow—and to eat.

Spinach: One of the most popular greenhouse plants, spinach grown and cut straight from your garden and cooked immediately offers the maximum intake of vitamins and minerals.

Cucumber: Though cucumbers are often found in greenhouse gardens, they should be wrapped right after harvesting to keep them firm and fresh. Some suggest the smaller Beit Alpha variety of cucumbers as a better greenhouse option, as they don’t require shrink wrapping.

Tomatoes: The most familiar and most common greenhouse crop, tomatoes of nearly all colors, shapes and sizes flourish in this environment. Cherry, grape, beefsteak and tomatoes on the vine are often found in greenhouse gardens.

Peppers: Bell peppers need the exact humidity and temperature control that a greenhouse offers. A popular growing option, they are also the most difficult crop to grow. However, there are many other varieties of peppers that offer excellent taste, as well as an ornamental option for your home.

Herbs: Often considered the gateway into gardening, herbs can be grown in small containers for beginners, but they also make great greenhouse plants. The addition of fresh-from-your-garden (or greenhouse) herbs can enhance the taste of any meal.

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