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How to Use Your Greenhouse in the Summer
Many gardeners are drawn to invest in a greenhouse to help extend their growing seasons. Not only does it give them the ability to control the growing environment—despite the extremes of weather—but also it helps them create a place for plants to thrive.
7 Helpful Tips for the Beginning Greenhouse Gardener
Enthusiasm is an admirable trait for the beginning greenhouse gardener, but don’t let it overshadow the practical steps you should take to ensure your efforts are successful.
6 Types of Flowers to Grow in Your Greenhouse
Growing flowers for fun—or profit—is another popular greenhouse application.Your greenhouse can be used to nurture seedlings before being planted in an outdoor garden. Or your greenhouse can offer a controlled environment where you can tend to tropical blooms.
Do’s and Don’ts for Increasing Greenhouse Production
Making the most of your gardening efforts is important so you can increase the enjoyment and the profits—if you’re going that route—from your greenhouse. Essentially, the more success you have, the more you’ll want to grow!
Low-E Glass Greenhouses
Low-E Glass Greenhouses are beautiful, functional, and more energy efficient than other greenhouses that use standard glass. Low-E Glass is one of the most popular and versatile building materials used in greenhouses, sunrooms, breakfast nooks, and conservatories. Also consider this glass if you are looking to cover a swimming pool or spa, upgrade the windows in your home, or bring the outdoors in by creating a covered sitting area. Why Choose Low-E Glass?
New Feature Greenhouse - Parkside Greenhouse
Introducing Our Elegant 8×10 Black Aluminum Frame Greenhouse. Experience the charm of an English greenhouse with our exquisite 8×10 black aluminum frame greenhouse. Boasting a steep roof and adorned with decorative ridge cresting, this greenhouse adds a touch of sophistication to any garden or backyard.
Top Greenhouses – Gothic Arch Greenhouses
Royal Victorian Orangerie Greenhouse is high-quality profile system that guarantees a long life and excellent stability. Hinged profiles allow different roof shapes. Our Victorian greenhouses have been designed with a long life and carefree usage in mind. They meet the requirements of the most demanding gardeners and retain their value for many years. Helios is available in various designs with a wide choice in glazing and numerous well-thought out accessories. Therefore making these greenhouses ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you are growing vegetables or flowers or need a frost free overwintering spot for your valuable cacti or orange trees, our greenhouses always offer a solution that perfectly meets your needs.
Glass Greenhouses advantages
Glass greenhouses transmit almost 100% light and glass stays that way for a lifetime or more , compared to 80% with double wall polycarbonate that will gradually fade over time as the polycarbonate becomes more opaque. Due to the weight of the glass covering the glass greenhouse structure is generally stronger than other greenhouses, so it is an excellent greenhouse investment and adds lasting value to one’s property and home. With Glass Greenhouses, you can choose from single layer, double or triple paned glass to improve insulation and ventilation, to help your greenhouse use less energy and to provide better crop protection. Glass is quite inert, in contrast to plastic, and it can function for 40 to 50 years without failure. It is non-combustible, resistant to UV radiation and air pollutant degradation, and it maintains its initial radiation transmission if regularly cleaned. The greatest drawback of glass is its vulnerability to catastrophic losses caused by hail.