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Growing Hemp in a Greenhouse

Growing Hemp in a GreenhouseAs of 2018, growing hemp as an agricultural product is now legal in the United States. Hemp is known for having wonderful health benefits, applications in building materials, and versatile uses in textiles. Hemp is traditionally grown outdoors. However, for the purposes of making health products such as CBD oil, growing hemp in a greenhouse can be beneficial to your production. Whether you are a new hemp grower or you are looking for a better growing environment for your maturing plants, Gothic Arch Greenhouses can help you customize a hemp greenhouse to meet all of your needs.

Benefits to Growing Hemp in a Greenhouse

Extend Your Growing Season & Increase Your Production

Greenhouses allow growers to control environmental factors surrounding their plants. Controlling temperature, lighting, humidity and other factors allows hemp to grow all year long. Typically only harvested once a year, greenhouse hemp is ready for harvest multiple times a year thanks to blackout systems.

Reduce Cross Pollination

Because of natural pollination processes, cross pollinating hemp and other crops can cause a decrease in some plant’s potencies. Federal regulations are in the works to reduce cross pollination between hemp and other plants. Stay ahead of the legal battle by containing your hemp crops inside greenhouses. Not only will this keep your crops from cross pollinating with others, it will keep unwanted pollutants away from your plants as well.

Fewer Pests

Pest management is vital to healthy crop growth no matter what you are growing or where you are growing it. However, growing hemp in a greenhouse greatly streamlines pest control practices. The highly controlled greenhouse environment is less susceptible to bugs than those crops grown in open fields. Properly sealed joints, and windows and vents covered with insect screens create little to no room for unwanted pests to sneak in.

EPA & FDA Compliance

A virtually pest free environment is ideal for hemp growing due to the federal restrictions on using chemicals on CBD grade hemp. With the hemp market booming, the EPA and FDA are still collecting data about safe levels of pesticides, fungicides, and other common chemicals used in hemp production. Until that data becomes available, it will remain illegal to use most chemicals on your crops. This preventative measure keeps ingestible hemp safe for consumers. Growing hemp in a greenhouse makes it possible to avoid the use of pesticides because your plants are less susceptible to pests. Keeping your chemical usage at a minimum now will make it easier to follow federal regulations and guidelines in the future, which can save you a lot of time and money.

Considerations for Growing Hemp in Greenhouses

Your Greenhouse

There are many types of greenhouses available today. Make sure that you choose the type that is practical for your growing needs. Gutter connected greenhouses can grow with your operation and are ideal for expansion. For areas with heavy snowfall, triple-wall polycarbonate greenhouses will hold up better than glass or acrylic structures. If you are on a tight budget, a cold frame or hoop house may be ideal.

Blackout Systems 

Hemp is typically a “fall” plant meaning that it requires longer periods of darkness and shorter day time hours to grow properly. Blackout systems allow you to fake the light patterns and trick your crops into maturing more quickly. Blackout systems can be as simple as a tarp that is manually pulled over a hoop house. However, for large or commercial operations, automated blackout systems are recommended. These systems are set on timers and programmed to automatically cover and uncover your greenhouse at the correct intervals. Automated blackout systems take the guess work out of light deprivation and save money on labor costs.


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