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Growing Roses in a Greenhouse



Roses are as iconic as they are beautiful, so it’s no wonder that many hobby gardeners and commercial growers are intent on cultivating them. These fragrant flowers have been fixtures throughout history—from the Bible to the works of Shakespeare and even the White House Rose Garden, where they are celebrated as the national flower of the United States. If you want to try your hand at growing roses in a greenhouse, this article will take you step-by-step through the process.

Steps for Growing Roses in a Greenhouse

Choose your roses. As with choosing any plant to grow, consider your climate and the size of your greenhouse when making your selection. This will set you up for success! Growing roses in a greenhouse will reduce exposure to pests and diseases they would be subject to outside. There are also rose varieties that are naturally resistant to disease, making it easy to keep them healthy.

Pot Rose Plants

 Remove your rose plants from shipping pots or bags and place them in new containers. Add fresh potting soil (preferably rose-specific), but drape root cluster over the soil to encourage the growth of healthy new roots. Planting in the fall is recommended using containers at least 9 inches across. Placing small rocks or pieces of broken china in the bottom of the pot will increase drainage and prevent root rot.

Place Containers in the Greenhouse

Take your newly potted plants in your greenhouse, and place them where they will get enough sun. At least six hours of direct sunlight every day is what your roses will need to thrive. Give them enough space so they don’t cast shade on each other. We recommend placing containers at least six apart so that air can flow freely between them.

Prune the Bushes

Using pruning shears, trim branches back to about 3 inches from the main stem, including blooms and buds. Plants with the fewest stems and leaves can create bigger blooms. Remove all dead branches (those that are brown on the inside), and trim away the branches that block the middle of the plant. This allows for better air circulation which is important for preventing moisture build-up.

Water and Fertilize Plants Sufficiently

Water your rose plants enough so the soil is moist. The amount will vary based on your weather conditions. On hotter days they will need more; on rainy days less. Keep water from touching the stems or the leaves. Add high phosphorus fertilizer when you see new growth from leaves, buds or branches, then reapply every two weeks or as recommended.

Maintain the Right Temperature

A greenhouse regulated to a daytime temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 40 degrees at night are the ideal conditions for your roses. Use a combination of compost and shredded leaves to mulch your containers to maintain soil temperature and humidity. Supplemental lighting can help keep your greenhouse warm during the colder months.

Staying actively involved in maintaining the growing environment is the best way to successfully grow roses inside a greenhouse. We offer a variety of greenhouses and environmental controls that will help you grow beautiful blooms year after year. Wherever you are in the rose-growing process, call us at 800-531-4769 for exceptional recommendations, prices and customer support!