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How to Choose Your Greenhouse Site

How to Choose Your Greenhouse Site

After you’ve carefully selected a greenhouse that best suits your needs, now you’ll have to put some thought into where it’s located on your property.

Site selection is extremely important for your greenhouse, primarily for the success of the plants and vegetables you might want to grow.

But it can also pay great dividends in terms of reduced maintenance and maximized time for you to enjoy your hobby if you just keep these factors in mind.

Light: Be aware of the changes in light patterns throughout the seasons. Where you place your greenhouse in relation to the direction of the sun could very well give you an edge in gardening success. A location to the south or southeast of your home will capture the most amount of sunlight. A location to the east will capture most of the light from November through February.

Natural Shading: For the average backyard greenhouse, summer may be the most challenging season to keep anything growing. To counteract this, locate your greenhouse where it will receive natural shading from deciduous trees when the weather heats up—and when you will need it the most. Some recommend that the greenhouse be located at a distance equal to at least twice the height of any potential shade source, such as other buildings and fences.

Orientation: Along with light and shading, you’ll want to also consider the orientation of your greenhouse, or which direction it faces. Commercial growers usually opt for the southern direction because of the evenly distributed sunlight it provides. But, according to recent research, the direction depends on your latitude. For example, areas above 40 degrees latitude would be better suited with a westward-facing greenhouse. You should always face the entrance away from prevailing winds to limit heat loss whenever the door is opened.

Foundation: Select a site that is level and stable, and especially be mindful of its drainage and elevation. A level, well-drained site will allow for easier construction and put less stress on the greenhouse structure. Additionally, ground that is compacted and firm is ideal so it won’t begin to settle after the greenhouse is built.

Accessibility: Keep in mind accessibility to electricity and water, as well as accessibility for wheelbarrows and garden carts. You’ll want your greenhouse close to a power source to run fans and heaters when needed. You’ll also appreciate locating it near easily accessible paths that are level and wide to allow for moving plants, dirt and fertilizer to and from your greenhouse.

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